Happy Mother’s Day

We kept it pretty low-key today. I wasn’t as sore as I thought I would be after yesterday. We hosted Mother’s Day brunch for my parents and Soul Sista, DearDR’s mom and dad, and Earthmother and her family who came directly from the Race for the Cure. They run in memory of Aunt Beth.

I had a lot of things in mind to write this weekend: thoughts about Gabriel; my birth story with him; a letter to my mother. Letter to my daughters about how wonderful they are and how fun it is to be their mom.

I did not get around to any of them.

Chag at Cynical Dad did a Mother’s Day show on Tuesday, Music for Mothers. See if any of these sum up your relationship with your mom! My request, “Fire on Babylon” by Sinead O’Connor, could not be farther from my relationship with my mother, but I love the song.

And I have to give big ol’ props to my husband who really knows how to throw a good Mother’s Day. He did most of the cooking for brunch (DearDR’s pancakes are unrivaled), and almost all of the clean up. Actually, for all intents and purposes, he did do all the clean up. Plus, two really nice gifts. This is one special day he consistently nails.

And I got to take a nap. I mean, it doesn’t get any better!

And this is freaking hysterical’ my FIL fowarded it to me. Gina is going to be mad.