Lost Day: Follow the Leader

The problem with a two-part season finale where the two parts are separated by a week, is that the question I am left pondering is: What do I think will happen versus what do I want to happen?

The central part of the mystery, for me, is Richard Alpert. “He’s kind of an advisor,” says Ben.

Richard said he saw our Dharma crash friends all die. From the end of last night’s episode, that certainly seems like a possibility. Jack, Sayid (welcome back, you dummy — how smug was he? “I already changed the future.” No, because you forgot to shoot Ben in the head. Nice black tank top, though.), Ellie, and Richard appeared to have intentions to move and detonate Jughead.

Can Richard lie?

From the interactions between Richard, Ben, and John Locke, I wondered exactly how active a role Richard can take. Does he just advise, then just go along with the leader’s decision? Or does he intend to be more persuasive, more… heeded? He certainly was left agape at Locke’s decision to take his people to Jacob.

Wait until he finds out Locke intends to kill Jacob. That’s going to be a problem.

The triangle — Richard, Ben, Locke — reminded me of still having an ex in the picture. Richard and Locke are together now (not like that): they are supposed to be the primary team. But Ben, Richard’s ex, the man with whom he is more familiar is still hanging around. And scheming — it’s just Ben’s nature to plan, he’s said so. I think his true nature (the schemer, the planner, the primary mover) is at war with the directives from Alex/Smokey.

I think his true nature is going to win. And then we’ll see what Smokey does. (This is where it’s tricky. It’s no secret that I would like Ben to get his comeuppance.) I’m hoping for a major smackdown.

One thought on this: Maybe, just maybe, Locke is talking more figuratively about this killing business. Maybe what Locke intends to do is to tear down the mythology of Jacob. Or maybe he’s really going to kill Jacob, thereby helping him by setting him free. (Is that two thoughts?)

Speaking of exes and triangles, hi, Kate.

Kate wants to stop Jack. Jack wants to detonate the bomb because he wants everything to go back to how it was supposed to be. That, clearly, breaks Kate’s heart.

What do I think? What do I want?

I am not going to offer any theories. I’ll let the pros do that.

With all of the set up this season, I’ll say what I said last week: “Will the future change somehow? It seems to me that it would be futile to have all this speculation about whether the past can be changed, and have all these people … try to change it, and nothing change.”

Okay, okay, one small theory: I think the future will change. But not the way Jack thinks it’s going to.