Random Thoughts: Thursday Quickies

Look for Lost thoughts tomorrow. I have to write a little bit about “Some Like It Hoth” from two weeks ago along with last night’s episode.


Dear Bun, Please stop getting sick. Or, conversely, if you’re not really sick, please stop that yellowish goo from coming out of your nose. You have no fever, you are sleeping great, eating well, and… your energy is certainly not diminished. To put it mildly. So you’ve got ear tubes now, which is great, although it seems to mean that all that crap that got trapped behind your eardrums now is free to flow copiously out of your left nostril.

It’s really disgusting, honey. Please clear up. Thanks. Love, Mommy


Dear Monkey, I know: you want Daddy. I know. I cannot provide Daddy at my whim, or yours — oh, would that I could. And I know that my inability to produce Daddy at your whim, along with my being such a hardliner about meals and baths and bedtimes makes me a mean mommy, but having you tell me that with tears standing in your pretty baby blues really hurts my feelings. I don’t get to spend much time with you these days, and I would like our time together to be more pleasant and less frustrating for both of us. Let’s work on it, okay? Thanks. Love, Mommy.


I started The Thirteenth Tale, and I joined Goodreads (both at the suggestion of Kelly at Peace, Love and Flowers). I’m excited about these developments, which pretty much goes to prove what a literary geek I am.


Still looking for a babysitter for May 1 so DearDR and I can go see the premiere of Wolverine. Any takers?

And yes, DearDR knows I have a thing for Hugh Jackman (as Wolverine). That’s why we’re going — correction, trying to go — to the premiere. Because DearDR loves me very much and wants to see me happy. Heck, he even brought me the Entertainment Weekly magazine with Hugh Jackman (as Wolverine) on the cover. In Wolverine’s signature wife beater. Be still my heart.

I may be a literary geek, but I’m still a flesh-and-blood woman. Hear me *rowr*.


I know there’s been a lot of fist-shaking at the media about all this Swine Flu reporting — oh, sorry, H1N1 — but this image has been making me laugh for days now. Thanks to Brandon at thinkoutsidethepun.blogspot.com.

And look at it this way: If it were something truly serious, wouldn’t you want this level of alert? The government and the media are just trying to do their jobs, and inspire confidence in the systems used to warn people about this stuff. It sucks that it can raise anxiety levels for a disease that’s just like the regular flu, pretty much, but what’s that old saying?

Better safe than sorry.

5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: Thursday Quickies

  1. I am so disgusted with the media coverage on this. One of your local Chicago reporters actually said “I would be…” and went on to talk about closing all schools in Chicago. There has been no talk of this, and since when do reporters tell us what “they would bet” would happen?!? Like she’s standing around the water cooler gabbing. Stick to the news talking head:P

    Actually came by for your LOST post:)

  2. Wow, where to begin!

    Our buddy loves his dad, too, and prefers him over me as I enforce bedtime, give baths, aspirate runny nostrils and am overall just no fun. Not fair.

    *yay* you joined Goodreads! I hope you love Vida Winter!

    And if the husband didn’t have a hockey game, we’d be at the premier of Hugh Jackman, er Wolverine, too!!

  3. I love your notes to Bun and Monkey. Been there. I especially relate to your plea to Monkey. Some evenings I would be so upset because my limited time with my (then) 5 year old was full of pleading, yelling, and whining…by both of us. And I thought – THIS is how I am spending precious time with her? doing this?? You know what works for your family so don’t loose sight of the big picture just because the last 2 hours were not stellar. It passes, gets better; she will learn, you will relax – I promise.

  4. Your children will eventually grow up and then you will long for these days of snotty noses and whining. At least that is what I keep telling myself.

    Literary geek-schmeek. You are a geek for wanting to go see Wolverine.

    (I just bought my tickets for Saturday :).

    Did you know that I live 30 minutes away from where Lost Boys was filmed?? Cracks me up…

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