Pictures from the Forest

“I just woke up from my nap in the car. How you doing?”

Hours and Hours of Fun

Twue Wove

(This isn’t the greatest picture. I tried to convince DearDR to sneak up closer, but I think he was worried about missing the shot. This gives you some idea of how much Bun loved that Goldendoodle.)

Hiking! (This is probably actually, “Lift Me Up On that Big Rock, Mommy.”)

“Cheeeeeessse” in the Woods

Wind! I

Wind! II

“I Climb Up, Mama.”

Because after a long, sweaty 3-mile hike, really all you want to do is go to the playground:

Okay, girls, can we please go get something to drink now? And some lunch? Magic word: Notdogs!

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