Ear Update

Thursday the verdict came in: Bun needs ear tubes. The current infection she has must be the eighth one this winter (at least the eighth — I’ve lost track) and the antibiotic she is taking for it is not kicking it. She is scheduled to go in Monday.

I am having many emotions about the whole thing. The encouraging thing has been all the support I have gotten here and elsewhere from other parents, regardless of whether or not their kids have had tubes. To a woman and man, I’ve heard nothing but good things, most along the lines of: “He/she was a completely different child afterwards.”

Reading back over what I have written, I feel pretty defeated, resigned. I was dead set against them, and we tried some alternative remedies — albeit maybe not enough chiropractic visits — but nothing has worked. And now the antibiotics are on the verge of not working either.

Looking at the history here, tubes seem so inevitable. The constant running to the doctor and the pharmacy and the chiropractor (when I could — to say that the chiropractor was difficult to get to would be understating the case; his hours were hard for this working mama, and he didn’t accept my insurance; LOVED the guy, and I miss going with the girls, but it was HARD) and leaving work early or going in late and over and over and over again.

So: tubes. Monday. I’m trying not to freak out — it is a 15 minute surgery, the guy we’re going to comes highly recommended from several sources, it’s going to be fine. Freaking out anyway, a little bit. It’s my Bun, my little girl. The most encouraging mention about tubes I got is from my friend who is a nurse anesthestist who says these surgeries are the quickest, easiest, busiest days she has had.

I am on the mend; DearDR seems to be verging on unwell, although he hasn’t had the most physically easy week; Monkey has an ear infection, too. DearDR took her, so I don’t know if tubes were mentioned. I could have wished for a better Friday, but we’re all still here. And the weather is rocking, so today we’re going to the park.

3 thoughts on “Ear Update

  1. Awww, poor Bun! I cannot comprehend how with all of the advances in medicine we have today that there are no ways around ear tubes. I suspect we, too, are headed down Ear Tube Alley and I completely understand your resistance. I’m glad she won’t have any more ear infections, though! Sending you and your ladies many, many hugs.

  2. My son has to have his ear tubes replaced at the end of this month. The first surgery took only about 15 minutes and it really did make a huge, huge difference in our lives. Just hours after he came home from Children’s, he pulled himself up to standing for the first time ever. You may even find that Bun’s speech is clearer or that she’s more coordinated after the surgery.

    Still, it’s scary stuff – I feel for you. I hope your baby girl’s surgery goes just as smoothly as my son’s did the 1st time.

  3. @Kelly, I know. It is rather shocking. I would suggest sooner rather than later, honestly. The cycles of sickness we’ve been in, and all the antibiotics, suck. If you can find a chiropractor to work with, it may be worth it. It didn’t work out for us, but I would still encourage people in that direction.

    @JuliaO’C: We are lucky that Bun is pretty on target developmentally. Her language lagged behind her big sister’s, but I would think that’s in part because Monkey, she talks a lot — enough for the both of them for awhile! I’ll be curious to see if the tubes give Bun any boost.

    Thanks for the comments!


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