Random Thoughts: The 40 Days Version

Lent officially ended yesterday, and we began the Easter tridium: Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday.

I didn’t do all that great this Lent — although I was seldom on Plurk (I didn’t even have a perfect run) when I should have been with my children, I also was not wholly with my children. I cleaned the kitchen early, or tried to tackle laundry. Despite my reason for my Lenten vow, I just feel that it wasn’t easy to change the mindset of getting other things done even when I only get a couple of hours each day (during the week) with the kids.

I’m going to keep working on that. Mostly so I can keep doing fun things occasionally on the weekends.


I love the fact that I live in such an interesting time, and that the idea of community has expanded so greatly due to the Internet. I’m still not crazy about Twitter, but I check it out every now again again (yes, you can follow me as redpenmama if you want; I don’t post there often).

There was a lot of online community regarding Pittsburgh’s own fallen officers (the best tribute I read was here — please feel free to leave more in the comments). Tons of people watched the memorial, held yesterday, “together” online.


Witness the power of the Interwebs: The other huge thing that happened that brought people together and made a bunch of us hug our kids a little harder (and made me sorry to know there are another pair of grieving parents added to the ranks) was the passing of Madeline Alice Spohr. The online community’s response — primarily but by no means exclusively blogging moms and dads — has been tremendous. And humbling.

I’ve decided to join the Burgh Moms and Dads team marching for Maddie and the March of Dimes on Saturday May 9. If you can, please make a donation, or walk a few miles. So fewer parents know what it’s like to lose a baby. Thanks.