Lost Day: What Happened, Happened


I was wrong.

Oh well. Kate and Sawyer — and Sayid, Juliet, and Jack, too, for that matter — pretty much directly cause The Purge. Good one, guys.

At least we get the judgement next week. Maybe he’ll die then.

I know it probably makes me sound bloodthirsty, but I have wanted Ben to bite it for a while now. I don’t like Ben — I think Michael Emerson does an amazing job of making Ben so devious and underhanded. Ben is a liar and he pursues his own agenda without thought to anyone else. I’m looking forward to next week, when it seems, he will get his comeuppance from the Island.

It’s interesting because looking over our cast of characters, I’m not sure, character-wise, whom I do like. I’ve never been one for tortured protagonists (i.e. Jack, Kate); and as much as I would enjoy seeing Sayid take his shirt off, the guy’s a cold-blooded killer. I was never a big fan of Sawyer, but at least he’s straightforward and uncomplicated (no, really!). I like the character he’s become this season; as he told Kate last night, “I’ve come a long way in three years.” Plus: dimples! I like Juliet this year, too, although I was struck by her pale-lipped confrontation with Jack last night. Here is a woman who after a long, long time has found love and happiness. And the O6 pretty much threaten that.

Locke: Nutter. Nutter with deep father issues.
Hurley: Love Hurley. He’s not exactly a hero type, but again, someone true to himself. His conversation with Miles was great last night.
Miles: Funny guy, but hasn’t done a lot this season except crack wise.
Sun: Creepy. Liked her clocking Ben two weeks ago.
Jin: I don’t have much a feel for Jin this season. He’s just kind of going about doing his own thing, listening to Sawyer. I think he’s very content, although he probably misses Sun. I think he’s secure in the knowledge that he is where he is supposed to be, and his wife and child are where they are supposed to be, and that’s that. And until Flight 316, that was that.
Desmond: I liked Desmond for his very fatalistic attitude. I hope he had a span of happiness, finally, with Penny. I think we find out what happened to them next week. I don’t think it’s good.
Daniel: Where’s Daniel? Besides off the deep end, I mean.

I miss Claire. I really miss Charlie. Did I leave out anyone?

A lot of questions were answered last night. Ben doesn’t die, and we see how the Island, in the form of Richard Alpert, turned him into one of the Others. That had to be The Temple, don’t you think? Alpert knew exactly what he was doing, too. The look on his face was like, “Well, if this works, I guess we’ll know who our next leader is.” In the words of Ms. Hawking: “God help us all.” We know what happened to Aaron. I’ll give Kate props for finally doing the right thing. Although, why does she tell Clementine’s mom (I’m sorry, her name escapes me) and Claire’s mom the real truth? Does she think they are going to keep the secret? Does she think that all that talk about keeping her friends “safe” is going to wash with people who weren’t on the Island?

So while I am not rooting for anyone on Lost, I have to admit to being deeply curious about what happens. I can understand frustration with the show. As DearDR put it last night, “It like they’re effing with me, which is okay, but now they are laughing about how they are effing with me.” He compared it to reading Lacan, which I took to mean: The smart guys are having a good chuckle over my struggle to keep up with this.

But I’m all in. I want to know what happens, I want to know who prevails and how.

And I want to see if Ben bites it.