Lost Day: Namaste

Was it worth the wait? Well, no one took his shirt off (come on, Sayid!), so in that area, it was a little disappointing. Much more subtle than usual, refusing either a big reveal or leaving us with big questions that we don’t already have.

Now we know Amy’s baby is named Ethan. But is that a mystery solved, or simply a coincidence? After all, the Ethan we meet — Alpert’s right hand man when the Others are wooing Juliet on the mainland, the psychopath who kidnaps Claire and kills Charlie — is an Other. So how can he be from the Dharma?

In his preview yesterday, Doc Jensen theorizes that The Purge was a coordinated effort behind some Dharma people and the Others. This would mean that Ben did not act alone, that he had cohorts within the Dharma Initiative (i.e. Ethan as an adult).

The other popular theory is that the Left Behinders end up in 1977 in order to stop The Purge. I think The Purge kind of drove the Island crazy (assuming that the Island is a conscious entity, of course), and it further deteriorated under Ben’s leadership of its people (see Mommy issues in that Jensen preview).

Am I the only one who thinks Sayid was tempted to reach between the bars and just strangle young Ben? I honestly believe that the thought crossed his mind, and I think he’s going to (try to) kill Ben as a youth.

How about I am totally rooting for the leadership of the O6/Left Behinders to remain with Sawyer and Juliet? Sawyer was right when he told Jack last night that he (Jack) reacted as a leader instead of thinking. Granted, Sawyer has found himself in a pretty cozy situation with running water, plenty of reading material, clean clothes, and Juliet to curl up with at night. At the time of Jack’s leadership, reacting was pretty much the best way to survive.

Also, parallels between Roger Linus, Ben’s father, and Jack being slotted into “workman” roles? You could see Jack wanting to yell at Pierre Chang: “I’m a doctor, dammit, not a janitor!”

See? Reactionary.

Stay tuned for a catfight between Juliet and Kate. You know for whom I rooting. Which is pretty ironic, because up to now, I have not had much sympathy for Juliet among the survivors of Flight 815. Up until this season, I think she was playing both sides against each other, seemingly throwing herself into Jack’s camp, but hedging her bets in case Ben won the day. (Ben is a bad, bad man.) But this season, with the benefit of (again) some space, time, clean clothes, and Sawyer’s lovin’, I think Juliet’s really come into her own. And she deserves it.

It’s over now, though.

I’ve no theories about Sun and Frank, and how they are getting to 1977. But I love, love, loved when Sun clocked Ben with a canoe paddle (outrigger, whatever), and told Frank, “I lied.” That’s my Sun. It’s very clear that Sun and Jin are crazy for each other, and will go to any ends to be reunited. Which isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Remaining mysteries: Where is Daniel Faraday? Dead or time-traveled? I think the latter. Can the past be changed? I am hoping so. Where is Desmond — and Penny and Charlie? Who has Aaron?

We’ve only about eight more episodes this season. Can you stand it?

Note to writers of Lost: There is no way in hell that baby Ethan was one day old and Amy was lounging in a hammock after having an emergency C-section. No way. This is similar to the problem I had with baby Aaron, especially after Claire disappeared at the end of Season 4: who was feeding that baby? If you need a consultant for things womanly and/or pregnancy- and childbirth-related, I’m available.