Moving Right Along

I was having a perfectly pleasant night. The kids had a great dinner, a treat, and they were each contentedly munching on apples. (Monkey is clearly about to shoot up in height again. The sentence she says most these days: “But I’m still hungry!”) I had managed to get a meal cooked for later in the week and empty the dishwasher. The girls took their apples into the other room; I sat down to start my dinner and try for the umpteenth time to finish The Omnivore’s Dilemma — when Bun waddled into the room with her diaper around her ankles.

Two baths, about a half hour of crying about her tummy hurting (damn, you, Augmentin), plus the most disgusting BM I have experienced in my time as a mom (at least it was all in the “little potty”, her training potty), and I was totally wiped out.

I’m very grateful that DearDR bathed the kids Sunday night, because Monkey just got a quick wipe down (hands, face, lady business). I usually wash her hair the nights before she goes to school, but I did not have it in me last night. I wish I knew how to do braids — or that she would stand still for them.

Bun has definitely turned the corner, though, health wise. She’s napping again and eating well. I have to remember to keep her away from juice until she’s done with the antibiotic. Because I do not want to face what I faced tonight ever again. If it can be helped.

Addendum: Bun is also climbing out of her crib. This is a new development as of this past weekend, and something that Monkey never did. So I guess we’ll be buying a big-girl bed this weekend. I’m not clear how we’re going to be keeping her in that.

One thought on “Moving Right Along

  1. Poor little girl! Poor you!

    My son has a hard time with augmentin, too. Last ear infection, our pediatrician gave us some free samples of a probiotic called Florastor Kids. It helped so much that I asked our Target Pharmacy to order it for me (it’s available over-the-counter, but they don’t normally stock it). Supposedly, it replaces the good intestinal bacteria that gets destroyed by the antibiotic (I may be wrong on that…all I know is that it helps).

    Hope everyone feels better soon.

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