Oh, Crap

No, literally.

Bun has gone to the little colon who couldn’t to the little colon who cannot stop. I think she poos a little every time she coughs. I must have changed 12 diapers today (and DearDR did another two or three).

On the plus side, Bun doesn’t seem to be in any discomfort; she’s a little red, and we are applying liberal amounts of Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. The very liquid poo is completely odorless, if still utterly gross. And to face it 15 times a day. Well, you can imagine.

Also, I am in a heap of trouble, so Oh, Crap, figuratively, too.

On Thursday, Bun took a short nap. On Friday, at DCL’s she took an even shorter one — about 1/2 hour according to DCL. Today, no nap. Not only no nap — climbed out of the crib. Poo’ed on the glider, on the pad underneath the seat cushion of all things (she took the cushion off and cast it on the floor). At least I don’t have to try to clean that cushion. But: GROSS.

I have no clue what I will do with two toddlers (is 4 years old still toddlerhood?) up all day. I am hoping that the no nap is a blip, an anomaly, and once she feels better, Bun will continue to nap, at least until summer. By summer, if all goes to plan (hey, you, quit laughing) Monkey and Bun will be sharing a room, and quiet time will be initiated. Quiet time will not necessarily have to be quiet (or not totally quiet) but it will have to be confined to their room. For an hour. Maybe two.

I can pretend this is a valid plan. Don’t interrupt my daydream, please.

2 thoughts on “Oh, Crap

  1. Haha! Well, it was nice of her to remove the cushion, I suppose.

    Good luck with the napping. I hope it is just a temporary no-nap period and she gets it back!

  2. I wish you the return of the nap as well! A. napped in the afternoon until he was 4, until he had to go to daycare after preschool.

    As far as what to do with 2 toddlers…do you think they would be occupied with a book on CD? A. loves the Velveteen Rabbit and he is happy to hang out in his room while the story plays…its a good 30 minutes. I have also tried occupying him in the same room as I am trying to get something done (coloring or watercolors at the kitchen table while I am loading dishwasher.) I know its a whole new ballgame with 2…right now baby sister is pretty easily occupied with blocks or her fave toys right now. Its so hard to avoid the TV if you want to get anything done! I struggle with that one myself. Good Luck!

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