Lost Without Lost

So here’s a gratuitous mommy-and-girls shot instead of Lost theories. Thanks to H for the picture and for the brownies from a gluten-and-dairy-free bakery in Squirrel Hill (name? website? H, help me out!), the remains of which you can see on Bun’s face. They were unbelievably good.

7 thoughts on “Lost Without Lost

  1. @JenniferC: That’s it! I was trying to google it, but didn’t try it with two u’s. Those brownies were heavenly.

    @Gina: You think her hair is long, you should see her body. She’s a string bean.

    @MH: The hair is long for me, and so far it’s working. We’ll see what happens when it gets hot here. which looks to be sometime in AUGUST.

    @karen: thank you so much! They are cuties — and they have personality too!

    @Brandon: I shudder to think about young marrieds having to actually talk. Couldn’t you guys just twitter from separate rooms? 😉

    thanks for the comments, all!


  2. Dude, I am STILL thinking about those brownies! And the pesto Tortellini, and FABULOUS salad. I never eat like that at home anymore, now that I’m on second shift!

    miss you!

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