Lost Day: LaFleur

This was yet another episode that provokes more questions than theories, at least for me. And it was a lot more about character than usual as well.

I have never been on either the Sawyer or Jack side of the Sawyer/Jack equation. I don’t know if I’m a sucker for accents or what, but Sayid and Desmond were always my Island crushes.

However, a clean-shaven, center-hair parted, glasses- and jumpsuit-wearing, dimply-smiling Sawyer completely stole my heart last night. The best part was when he goes out to Horace’s “buddy with the eyeliner” — the ageless Richard Alpert — and instead of conning him actually tells him the truth, and wins the day. That was awesome.

Not so awesome: Kate’s return. I mentioned two weeks ago that I’m over Kate’s act — and I’m even more over it. Juliet is stronger than Kate, braver than Kate, and smarter than Kate. And she cannot win for losing. I never bought her “love” for Jack, but she and Sawyer seem to have something very real and very solid, and despite his little speech last night to Horace, it was obvious from his first sighting of Freckles at the end of the episode, three years is not enough time to get over someone.

Who is Amy’s baby? This may not matter as Ben’s going to come along and slaughter them all in a few years, but the question remains.
Where the heck was Daniel in the ’70s? My guess, based on the Season 5 premiere, is The Orchid.
How do they — do they? — get back to present time on the Island (permanently, I mean. They flash there at some point after Flight 316 goes down, and get shot at)? I guess that may also have something to do with Daniel being at The Orchid.

Here’s the biggie: Is Daniel right? It doesn’t matter what they do, what happens happens? (And didn’t your heart break a little bit for him when he saw the little-girl Charlotte?) It seems to me (and to Doc Jensen, too) that a lot of what many of these characters are striving to do is change things. Ben, especially, seems hell bent on making things conform to his desires. I don’t know if time-travel comes into it (I love Jensen’s idea of Ben as the bad shepherd) — or how it comes into it — but you’ve got five characters in the ’70s who weren’t there before. Were they? What’s paradox mean again?

As just one example: If Juliet was not in the ’70s the first time Amy gave birth, do she and the baby die? Did we meet Amy when Ben as a 12-year-old comes to the Island? Or is Horace a widower at that time? Now that Juliet has saved Amy and the baby, do they have to die a different way (ala Charlie), or has Juliet changed the future?

And how long do we have to wait to find out??

Okay, that’s all I have time for. Have fun leaving comments and reading Doc Jensen. He’s the shizznit.