Non-OCD Toys in an OCD Household

As most parents know, toys have their own lives. They have their own stuff, and a lot of toys — especially as you get into toys for older kids — need that stuff to really work properly.

We don’t have any Legos around here yet — one advantage to having girls over boys, I guess. But believe me, more Littlest Pet Shop accessories have disappeared than actual LPS toys owned.

When you are, as DearDR and I are, a little OCD, this life of toys can be problematic.

One of the things we own right now is the Scholastic DVD set, which we love. Its packaging is very attractive. The problem? The colors. I feel compelled to put all the slim DVD cases in proper rainbow-hued order. To wit:

The first DVD in that set gives me fits. “Snowy Day” is light blue, and try as I might, I simply cannot put it with the other blues, because it interrupts the progression from green to blue.

Yeah, I know. I have a problem.

The last DVD is actually easy. It’s black, and has no where else to live but at the tail end.

One of the other toys in our collection that drives us crazy is this one:

She looks innocent enough. But when all her other little sisters are out to play? It’s kind of a nightmare.

For scale:

This toy, I am sorry to say, gives DearDR fits. Bun loves it. She calls them all her baby. I can’t believe we actually still have both halves of them all.

One of the worst toys for OCD parents like us? I’ll tell you in a second. Before I do, just let me say, it’s an excellent toy, and I love that my girls each has her own set. They love them, especially Monkey, who really grasps the possibility of them. She loves to make a square yellow sun. It flies.

And I asked for it, literally. Someone asked me for suggestions for the girls, and I mentioned this one, a favorite of mine when I was a child. They had just released the “original”. Monkey and Bun each got her own for Christmas.

It’s awesome. Hours of fun. Except for the part when OCD mommy tries to get everything back together. The price we pay to boost our kids’ imaginations.

The toy? Colorforms.

From Non-OCD Toys

Oh, well, it’s a love/hate thing. I think we’ve already lost a couple smaller forms. As I said, I asked for it, and it’s a great product. I just wish Monkey had as much fun putting all the forms back as she does creating her square sun.