What I Am: Doing for Lent

I know, I’ve barely established this theme, and here I go all messing with it.

My blog, my rules.

Anywho: I have been thinking for a couple of days now about what to do for this Lent. In the past, I have given up coffee (hello, week-long headache!) and reading novels (hello, new-found respect for non-fiction and crossword puzzles). I know a lot of people (including my mother, my MIL, and one year, DearDR) give up alcohol, but I have been pregnant three times, so been there, done that.

The one thing I think I am doing too much of is spending time on my computer, especially where my kids are concerned. I really need to spend more time with them, especially during the week, when we only get a couple of hours in the evenings together.

No, I’m not going all Anglophile Football Fanatic on you. I love writing every day, and I am going to continue Blog365 — aren’t you lucky? I need this blog, this space, this community. And I believe that writing daily is improving my writing.

But I think I have to cut way, way down on my plurking. Here’s my Lenten vow: When my children are awake, I will not plurk. My “karma” is going to plunge, but I’ll be a better person — a better mommy, anyway. Which is kind of ironic, when you think about it.


In other What We Are news, I did want to share that I have put the kibosh (kind of) on They Might Be Giants, Here Come the 123s and ABCs. The girls would listen to/watch them 20 gazillion times in a row if I let them. They get one viewing, tops. I had to stop the madness!

Instead, we have started really digging into the Scholastic DVDs that Monkey got for Christmas. I first discovered these at my local library, and at Christmas time, Amazon had an amazing deal on the Treasury of 100 Storybook Classics. What was a $100 box set, we got for $44.45.

I really like these for a couple of reasons. First, you get to see some classics come to life. Second, you get to discover classics you’d never heard of before. Third, the voice talent on them is awesome. It includes Raul Malo, John Lithgow, Laura Dern, Pete Seeger, and James Earl Jones, among others.

Fourth, and this is my favorite thing, is you can go check the books out of the library and read along. I can’t tell you how excited Monkey gets when she finds one of her DVDs on the book shelf.

I’m looking at the box and trying to decide what the stand-outs are, but the truth is they are all so amazing. One of the first ones we discovered was “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom”; it is still one of Bun’s favorites. Her all-time fav, though, is the adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are, and the other Sendak stories on that disk. Monkey loves discovering new things; she just watched Chrysanthemum and more Kevin Henkes stories, and told me that was her favorite so far.

Other favorites you’ll find here include Harry the Dirty Dog, Harold and the Purple Crayon (I actually dislike these animations, but Monkey really likes them), Strega Nona, and Click Clack Moo Cows that Type.

I’ll probably be watching more of these with my kids… as I won’t be plurking as much anymore!

10 thoughts on “What I Am: Doing for Lent

  1. I will have to look for those DVDs. I loved those stories when I was little and my mom still has the books. Toddler would love seeing Grammie’s books on TV, when he’s old enough to care.

  2. Well, I won’t totally be gone from Plurk. I am just cutting way down. And when it’s a choice between my kids and my computer, my kids win, hands-down. I need to hang out with them more.

    thanks for the comments!


  3. A Catholic friend of mine mentioned that, rather than give something up for Lent each year, she does something she wouldn’t ordinarily do most of the time. Last year she wrote something she appreciated about people she knew on index cards for 40 days – a different person each day, as it came to her to write. Then gave them their card or mailed them. Made a difference in her and the other person. I thought it a very cool idea.

  4. @Flea: Wow! That is an AWESOME idea. I am putting that in the file for the future. How cool.

    @Brandon: how about I send you the DVDs and my children for the day, and you tell me how much you love it after the 4th time in a row through? m’kay?

    thanks for the comments,

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