Lost Day: 316

It’s clear (to me) that the 316 in the title is also a reference to John 3:16, “For God so loved the world, He gave his only son.” Next week: the resurrection. I’m trying to figure out how Christian Shepherd (hello, symbolic name) figures into this. I thought the symbolism of John for Christian (i.e. Jesus) was a little heavy-handed. IMHO.

It occurred to me last night, very belatedly, that Ben told John in last season’s finale, that whoever moved the wheel couldn’t return to the Island. But — what is my motto when it comes to Ben? — Ben’s a liar! We even saw that in last night’s episode when Jack asks Eloise Hawking if Ben’s telling the truth, and she responds, “Probably not.” Also, I think he knows full well John committed suicide. (Was there a glimpse of this in the preview? I think so.)

For all the answers all these people are seeking, they show a remarkable dearth of curiosity. For instance: Who kicked Ben’s ass? And why wasn’t Sun all over Kate asking where Aaron is?

My first guess on Ben’s ass-kicker was Sayid, in order to keep Ben away from that flight. Only I think Sayid would have just snapped Ben’s neck. Sayid is a big believer in guarantees. Widmore’s people? Desmond? Ben made that call from a dock. Maybe he was going to talk Desmond into ‘fulfilling his destiny’. Maybe he was going to kill Penny in the meantime.

I’m going to think Penny’s dead (possibly Charlie, too) until proven otherwise. By killing Penny, Ben gets his revenge on Widmore, and by getting away (after Desmond beats the crap out of him), he guarantees that Desmond will come after him, to the Island, to exact his own revenge. Unless of course he killed Desmond, too, which Island plans or no, I would not put beyond Ben. He’s a man with his own agenda.

I have a confession to make: I’m a little over Kate as tortured girl-next-door-always-on-the-run. Who has Aaron? The lawyers, probably. Claire’s mother, maybe. I’m afraid I don’t care.

The plane crash looked a lot more like the time-traveling flashes to me, which is curious. It seems that the O6 get back to the Island in Dharma’s heyday, if the blue van and Jin’s jumpsuit are any indication. Also, Jin didn’t look all that thrilled to see Jack, Kate, and Hurley to me. Think he knows they brought Sun with them?

Oh, and I love The Lamppost. Hello, C.S. Lewis. Told you she’d be back one way or another.

I’m going to hit publish now. I’m home with a sick Bun, so if this seems more scattered than usual, I apologize, again. At least she hasn’t puked in about four hours. Knock wood!