What I Am: Reading this Week

The very funny blokette at Angliophile Football Fanatic made a shocking discovery earlier this year, and set out to remedy the situation in true AFF style. She started a book club, but not just any book club. An online book club that would meet once a month and hereby be known as PMS: People Masquerading as Scholars.

The first book was About the Author by John Colapinto. I read it — and liked it, quite a lot — but I did not get to join the discussion due to the fact that it took place around the same time as my (pathetically early) bedtime. I hope to do better next month. (I’m still figuring out if you can view the chat.)

I love to read. I come from a family that loves to read. I hope to instill my love of reading in my girls.

Growing up, I read all the time, and I mean ALL THE TIME. My parents had to forbid me from bringing a book to the dinner table. In family movies, you can always find me: I’m the girl sitting at the picnic table reading a book while all my cousins are running around like nutters. My parents didn’t ground me by sending me to my room — where I just would have curled up with a good book — they made me go out and play with other kids.

I was a strange and solitary child.

Anyhoo, the point being: I like to read.

So in addition to all the other themes poking their heads up around here (hadn’t you noticed? No, I guess not. This is my third theme, with Meatless Monday and Lost Day) I am going to make Wednesday What I Am day. It will pertain to books and music, including kids’ music and/or books.

This week, I am reading two books. This happens very infrequently, for obvious reasons. And one of the reasons that I am reading two is that one of them I have read before.

I am on my third or fifth (probably the latter) time through Return of the King by J.R.R. Tolkein. I got turned onto them by (surprise) DearDR when we were dating. He reads these books religiously. No, seriously: religiously. He quotes from them. He can tell you all of the differences between the movies and the books (we own several copies of the books, and all of the Peter Jackson-directed LOTR DVDs.) He knows all the themes and all kinds of stuff. In his other life, he is DearDR, Tolkein scholar.

I think it’s a problem, actually. I’m trying to get him to read the Harry Potter books for a change of pace. Or even the Narnia saga.

The other book I am tackling is The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan. I have heard lots and lots (and lots) about this book, and I finally had to read it for myself. I am very interested in it; I think I would actually be enjoying it a lot more if I got to read it in more than 5-minute stretches. So far, no go. I persevere, though, because, truly, I am interested in the subject. And the writing is pretty decent.

What are you reading this week?