Lost Day: This Place is Death



I’m a little short on the theories today, I must admit.

Although I was correct (too bad I didn’t actually write this theory down already!): John moves the donkey wheel. So… He’s not supposed to go back. Neither is Ben, as we know. Now John’s dead, and Ben sure seems determined to head back to the Island — with John’s body to boot. At the end of the episode, Mrs. Hawking (I think I’ve been spelling her name wrong) seems inclined to send him, too.

Okay, so who was Charlotte’s fit about? Sun? Did she actually say “Don’t bring Sun back” or “Don’t bring your wife back”? She may have been referring to Ji Yeon. The likelihood of Sun bringing Ji Yeon to the Island seems pretty slim anyway. And: was that Charlotte having that fit? Was it the voice of the Island or some other entity from the Island?

And what is up with Rousseau? What is the smoke monster? A possessor? “You’re not Robert,” Rousseau raves. “That thing changed you.”

I was really touched when Sawyer and Jin found each other and hugged. I’m clearly turning into a Lost sap.

Lost brings back the humor! I am loving this season just for that. Locke to Christian Shepherd: “Can you help me up?” Beat. Christian to Locke, “No.”

I also liked how Sayid just walks away from the Oceanic 6 “reunion”. He clearly wants no part of this scene. Ben, for once, was clearly at a loss. He was so close to having everyone together, but now he’s down four: Kate, Aaron, Hurley, and Sayid. Also, I think his tantrum in the car was staged.

Incidentally, Sawyer without a shirt is all well and good, but I would like a little more of Sayid without a shirt. If that can be arranged, please. I mean, the man looks fine in a suit and all, but bring back the black tank top!

Sorry about the lack of theories and only having more questions. I will try to get myself together better for next week.

Oh, and RIP, Charlotte Staples Lewis.

Well, you know, she’ll probably be back, one way or another.

Edited to add: Doc Jensen tells me something I missed about Charlotte’s dad. He says it was revealed in Season 4 that her dad is Dave Lewis from Dharma. So, shoot down my Widmore theory. Although someone somewhere said Widmore may be Daniel’s dad. He’s so very protective of Penny, though, I somewhat doubt this. But, you know, it’s Lost. Anything is possible.

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