Best Intentions

I was going to throw up a post later this morning. It was going to be quick and short and random, mostly about how having to do laundry next door is putting a drag on my evening computer activities (blogging, plurking).

But now, Monkey is crying about how much her ear hurts, and she just threw up a lot of spit — not vomit — on my rug. So I’ll just throw this up now — no pun intended — to still be in compliance with Blog365. And then take her to the doctor.

Incidentally, took Bun to the ENT yesterday. She has fluid in her ears, but no infection. The doctor advised waiting at least three months, and rechecking her ears at that time. Barring infection of course.

More later.

Update: Indeed, Monkey has a raging ear infection in her left ear. No fever, no cold symptoms, and no more volumes of spit on the floor. I got the prescription filled and took her to daycare.

Today’s doctor suggested maybe removing her tonsils and/or adenoids may help with the infections. She said that the effectiveness of tubes is under review — Children’s wants to do another study. She asked if Monkey snores at night, and I said yes, she does. Monkey snores very loudly at night; she gives her daddy a run for his money in the sawing logs department. So it’s something else to look into.

The Internet, of course, has a variety of information and opinions, for and against. I’ll have to do more research, and probably see another specialist. And I wonder what impact this will have on Bun.

I just want the ear infections to end, and I get queasy when I consider all the antibiotics my girls get. I thought that Monkey would have outgrown them by now, but she hasn’t. The only year she missed having infections was from 2 to 3 years old.

Coincidentally, the same year that I was a SAHM. Bring on the mommy guilt!

I am very tired of doing this year after year. And even if Monkey were to outgrow them this year, I would still have another two years to go with Bun. What to do?

Some days, being a mommy is harder than others.

4 thoughts on “Best Intentions

  1. Oh, we’re dealing with similar stuff! E. has a raging ear infection (one of his tubes fell out) and V. has a cold and just a bad attitude in general.

    I feel for you!! Hope everyone gets better soon!

  2. Julia: Oh, yes, along with an ear infection, Monkey’s attitude leaves a lot to be desired. I understand whining about the pain — I remember, they hurt — but still. ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ go a long way with me.

    Susan: Was he at Children’s? I’ll take a reference! can’t hurt. Did your #1 have ear infections?

    thanks for the comments!


  3. From N:

    “BTW, you girls get ear infections because they are prone to them. Not because you work. You are an excellent mother. You feed them the best food, read to them, play with them, stay up at night with them, clean them, and love their Dad. You, my friend, are the best freakin’ Mother in the whole wide world! And, happily, your girls know it. They love you more than Christmas and Easter put together.”

    N: I know. I had enough as a kid. The timing sucks, though!



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