Top Ten Things That Come Out of Bun’s Mouth

(Besides drool. Does anyone else have — or has anyone else had — a 2-year-old that still runs like a faucet?)

(Translations and commentary in parenthesis.)

10. No! (Of course. She’s 2.)
9. Foe-wa/Da Da. (Whomever she is not in the room with.)
8. Wittle moe. (A little more, usually relating to food. And she usually doesn’t mean a just little more.)
7. Pease! (Please. After prompting.)
6. Come on. (Usually said while pulling one forcefully by the hand. She’s bossy, this one.)
5. Lyook! (Look!)
4. I yont ylike it. (I don’t like it. I don’t know who taught her to say this, but I yont ylike it, either.)
3. Dop it! (Stop it! Usually said with hands on hips.)
2. TV! (I’m a little concerned about this one. Although she clearly has preferences, and voices those too: “1-2-FREE — the doggie one“, “Wild tings” [Where the Wild Things Are], “Rocket” [Little Einsteins].)

(Before we get to the number one thing that comes out of Bun’s mouth, let me just say that usually it comes out in the church parking lot of Monkey’s daycare, where they have a large one that bongs out the hours. She says it loudly, over and over again.)

The Number One Thing that Comes out of Bun’s Mouth:
1. (Clock! Only she can’t say the ‘l’ very clearly yet. So it’s) : C*ock!