Lost Day: “The Little Prince”

First of all, I have to tell you The Little Price by Antoine de Saint-Exupery is my favorite book of all time.

Okay, now that we’ve dispensed with the pleasantries, here are my theories.

1. Back to last week: I think I missed that final scene with Desmond and Penny. I watched it closely last night, and you know what? I think she’s fooling Desmond into thinking she wants nothing to do with the Island. After all, she spent three years looking for Desmond, therefore looking for the Island, and what happens to people looking for the Island? They become obsessed. I think Penny wants to find the Island, still. I do think she may not be 100 percent sure of her motivation.

Either that, or she’s working for Daddy.

2. The new Sun is creeping me out. How could Kate leave Aaron, presumably the Little Prince of the title, with her? Doesn’t she notice how dead her eyes look? Seriously, every time Sun is on screen I shudder. The gun was no surprise. For the record, I think she’s sent the lawyers after Kate. I know what Ben said at the end of the episode last night, but you know what? Ben’s a liar. Does it profit him for Kate to think he sicc’ed lawyers on her and Aaron? Well, no, not really. But Kate sees him as a bad guy, and what’s the point of arguing?

As of last night’s episode, five of the Oceanic 6 were in the same spot: Jack, Sun, Kate, Aaron, and Sayid. Plus Ben. How does Ben keep them all together, pick up Hurley from jail, and reclaim Locke’s body? Or is Locke’s body in that van that Ben and Sayid are driving? And how is he supposed to find the Island within 70 hours when others — Penny, Widmore, Jack, Charlotte — have been searching for it for so long? Oh, right, Ms. Hawkins has pinpointed it with that pendulum thingy. My other questions still stand. (For the record, I hadn’t read anything about last night’s episode at the time of posting.)

3. Miles was born on the Island too. This actually is posited at several sites — that he is the baby at the beginning of the Season 5 premiere, “True Lies”. I think once the group on the Island gets to the Orchid, you’re going to see Miles, watching from behind a bush, see Dr. Pierre Chang (known affectionately around here as P.F. Chang), and say, “Dad?”

4. When Daniel mentioned something about exposure affecting the predisposition toward Time Travel Sickness (TSS, as Doc Jensen calls it), I thought he meant that the Island offered a measure of immunity. Meaning, the longer you were on the Island, the less likely you were going to be afflicted with TSS. I have it backwards, as shown by Juliet getting a nosebleed at the end of “The Little Prince”. The longer you’ve been exposed to the Island the more likely it is that you will get TSS. We know Charlotte was born there, which is why she’s been so affected. Now it seems that Miles was born there, too, which as I’ve said is a popular theory already. Daniel was not born there. Even if he is Ellie’s son (and Ellie is Ms. Hawkins), she left before he was born. And who is Daniel’s father? Widmore? That would make Charlotte and Daniel (in my theory at least) siblings — because I think she’s Widmore’s daughter. So that’s a little ewww.

This isn’t a theory, just commentary: Jack, Jack, Jack. Dude, you have to learn to let go. You don’t have to fix everything. Let’s contrast three characters here:

Jack: The Man of Science, the control freak, the reluctant leader, the fixer. He’s got to make everything right, as evidenced last night by him going to talk to Claire’s mother. The problem with Jack’s approach that he blunders in without thinking; he operates neither with knowledge nor by instinct. He’s focused on being the hero, making things okay, but he is met with puzzled looks and/or frustration. Jack unwittingly shows his hand too soon, and gets stumped or set back.

Ben: The Planner. Ben never shows his cards. He said it himself: “I always have a plan.” Ben has plotted his every single move. He has access to information that no one else does. He is moving everyone around like pieces on a chess board — exactly what he’s been doing since he showed up in Season 2 as Henry Gale. He is also utterly and completely doing everything he does for the benefit of none other than Benjamin Linus. He only cares for himself. Especially now that Alex is dead.

Locke: The Man of Faith. Locke believes that everything he does is to benefit the Island. He operates on instinct; he listens to his gut; and above all, he simply believes. He believes in miracles, he believes that everything happens for a reason. He does not question. He is a man of destiny. Of course, he’s dead right now in ‘real time’ (I keep forgetting that what is happening on the Island, technically speaking, is happening three years in the past — kind of — right after the Oceanic 6 are rescued.) So I’m not sure how that’s working for him.

Oh, and Jin’s alive! Yeah, I’m not really surprised by that. I am a little bit curious how he’s survived since the boat blew up. And is he traveling in the same times as the other survivors?

Addendum to PSA

If, husbands, you are not able to provide the service or services in this Public Service Announcement, when your wife announces she is going to Mexico with her best friends to celebrate her birthday, you best shut it.

That’s all.

(Credit: Misfit Hausfrau, and she probably said it much nicer.)