Lost Day: “Jughead”

My theories of the week: Charles Widmore moved the island once. That’s why he’s no longer on it. I think I mentioned that last week.

My Widmore/Charlotte theory may have taken a hit, with Widmore’s impassioned pleading to Desmond to just take Penny away again. But we’ll see. And whose address do you think he gave Desmond, really?

I feel like everyone is lying in the episode, about one thing or another. Maybe the writers are giving us a lot of misdirection? That would be par for the course.

I thought the same thing Doc Jensen thought: Daniel blurted out that he loved Charlotte to try to become her constant. But Charlotte’s not really time traveling in her consciousness, so I’m not sure that’s going to work. I tend to think along the lines of some of my co-Losties, that Charlotte is actually disappearing from the past (as one of them called it, “Marty McFly Syndrome”).

I liked “Jughead” especially for its humor (“How old is Richard anyway?” “Old.”), but I am not pleased about the introduction of the gun-toting new character “Ellie”. Because, let’s face it, Lost does not need new characters. Although, of course, Ellie is possibly someone whom we’ve already met, only 50 years younger. The mysterious Mrs. Hawkins? Or maybe she’s Penny’s mother — whom we haven’t met, have we? Or both.

Finally, I know everyone’s all oogy over Des and Pen naming their boy Charlie, but remember, Pen’s father is Charles, too.

And I’m not sure anyone noticed, but Charlie (Dominic Monahan) died the way Desmond said he would, but Claire didn’t get on any helicopter and get rescued. Where is Claire?

Don’t forget to check the pros and the wiki. They do synopsis and everything!


Side note 1: And now DearDR thinks my washer is leaking. Wait, didn’t I count three things already? Somebody’s changing the rules.


Side note 2: Good things: I have Friday and Monday off. The Steelers are in the Super Bowl, and I have a babysitter. And, finally, it’s the day of the Burgh Mom’s dinner. Thank goodness!