You Know, for the Kids II

If you have children under, say, 4 years old, I heartily recommend They Might Be Giants Here Come the 123s and Here Come the ABCs. I think a lot of parents dread ‘kid’ music, but if you do some research, there is some stuff out there that is more than palatable to adults, also.

My children like just about everything. Monkey is being indoctrinated by Daddy, so she’s into the Beatles, the blues, and Bob Dylan. I have been feeding Bun a more punk rock/alternative aural diet, and she has boogied to the White Stripes, No Doubt, and M.I.A. When we heard M.I.A. on the World Cafe, she stood transfixed in front of the stereo. When one song ended, she turned to me and said, “Moe!” Which is Bun for “May I please have some more, now, please?”

Both the girls love TMBGs, and request these DVDs on a daily basis. I find more to my taste on the 123s, but the ABCs does feature my current favorite, “Stalk of Wheat”.

Warning: Your children, especially if they like music, will want to listen to/watch these over and over (and over and over and over) again.

The video below is my favorite from the 123s.

Countdown to Burgh Moms dinner: Five days.

5 thoughts on “You Know, for the Kids II

  1. Why can’t my kid get into the music I listen to? URGH! She was born a pop princess, and I think she will always be a pop princess. She has moments when she enjoys Coldplay and a little modern rock, but they are few and far between.

    Four days!

  2. I’ll have to check that out!

    Alex *loves* music. And my recent obsession (or, re-obsession, really) with Indigo Girls and other chick-folk he adores. Zach thinks I’m trying to turn him into a lesbian 😉

    Yay Burgh Mom Dinner!

  3. Aidan loves music, too. I think his fave on ABC’s is “D & W” and “Flying V” on 123’s, its a toss up between “the number 2” and “Triops.” Right now he’s totally into Dan Zanes, which I enjoy quite a bit…but it might be too hippy/folky for your taste. My hubby enjoys playing “System of a Down” for Aidan…its great jumping on the bed music!! Jack Johnson is always a good pick, too.

    I think you should do a regular post about music!! (in addition to the recipe thing.) You always were a cool punk chick 🙂

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