And Then We Killed the Car

In my dream last night, I tried to run away from a crashing airplane. Right before I woke up, I looked out of the front door of the building into which I had run.

The now-grounded plane was barreling right toward me.

Between some of the stuff going on at my job right now and the fact that we need to buy a car *rightnow*, this is how I feel. Like something is inexorably speeding toward me, and no matter what I do, what I try, it’s all going to end in death and destruction. And a mention on the 11 o’clock news.

3 thoughts on “And Then We Killed the Car

  1. this things are a royal pain-in-the-***, but they will not end in “death or distruction”. that is giving “them” too much importance.

  2. Truthfully, “right now” is a really good time to buy a car…but the payment will be tough. hang in there, honey!

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