Random Thoughts: Aftermath

Bun rang in year two in spectacular fashion. First, she stayed up all night long. I may have mentioned that. I don’t remember. So very tired.

I am pretty sure she is harboring another ear infection — either another one (her third) or the same one she had last time. Or maybe that was a sinus infection.

Either way: still sick.

And then, to top it all off, she took a craptastic dump in the tub. I’m telling you, that thing was a foot long. Monkey could not jump out of the water fast enough. Bun didn’t seem all that pleased with it, either. Which is good, negative reinforcement, n’at.

Oh well. She got a cake.

I’m pretty sure that look says, “Has anyone noticed this thing is on fire?”

And she opened a couple of presents.

See that face? The pale color, the bags under her eyes? That is not the face of a perfectly healthy 2-year-old.

Performance Goal for 2010: Stop getting ear infections.


DearDR smoked a cigarette last night, hanging outside with a buddy from work.

And it’s all I could smell on him when he got home.

And it was driving me crazy. In a bad way.

DearDR doesn’t smoke. I mean, he’ll occasionally (very seldom) puff on a butt to be sociable. He doesn’t even inhale.

I asked him not to do that again. It’s not fair for him to have one if I’m not having them.

He agreed with me. He’s a good man. And smart!