Bun Turns Two: 2008 Performance Appraisal

You can review last year’s performance appraisal here.

Goal: Hang around a good long time.
Performance: Seems perfectly willing to comply with enthusiasm to this request. Growing in leaps and bounds.
2010 Goal: Stop running away from Mommy in public, especially where parking lots and streets are concerned.

Goal: Get as tall as big sister Monkey.
Performance: While seemingly eager to meet this goal as well, I fear biology may be against her. She is, after all, the younger sister. However, it should be noted that Bun is tall for her age. At the library the other day, when I told someone she would be 2 in a few days, the woman exclaimed, “Oh, I figured she was well on her way toward 3 already.” In this way, Bun, biology will favor you: You have tall parents, and it is likely that somewhere in your early 20s, you and Monkey will be the same height.
Goal for 2010: Bring back the toddler belly!

Goal: Learn to eat pizza.
Performance: As in all food-related areas, Bun once more excelled. Although Mommy prefers to cut it into smaller pieces for her, Bun is perfectly content to gnaw on a skinny slice. Has been known to eat a couple of toddler-sized slices of Costco pizza in one sitting. Among some of her other favorites: Pierogies (usually eats three in one sitting); pasta marinara; veggie chili; not dogs; mac ‘n’ cheese; oatmeal; and, her daily breakfast, yogurt.
Goal for 2010: Branch out into other vegetables (Bun likes peas and broccoli, and that’s it), such as carrots.

Goal: Grow some teeth.
Performance: See for yourself below!
Goal for 2010: Keep using ’em to show off that personality.

Goal: Learn to run.
Performance: Some people are sorry this goal was ever set. Because it was achieved in a timely manner, and Bun hasn’t stopped since. If she’s using her legs for something other than kicking Mommy and Daddy during diaper changes, she’s running. Very fast, and usually away from me.
Goal for 2010: Learn to heel. That is — stay by Mommy or Daddy, especially out in public. At home, tear it up. Like I can stop you.

Goal: Keep up the good work of loving on Mommy and making her laugh.
Performance: Bun expanded her audience to include Monkey, Daddy, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, people sitting behind us in church, and so on.
Goal for 2010: Keep the smiles — and hugs — coming.

Happy Birthday, Bun. Let that light shine. (I’ll teach Monkey to take a little better pictures of you.)

To see more pictures of Bun, especially that personality, go here.

To repay me for giving birth to her two years ago, Bun decided to try and stay up — with Mommy holding her — all.damn.night. It was either due to the extended time at DCL’s because Mommy had to go to a funeral home last night. Or the hot chocolate I gave to the girls as a treat at 8 p.m. Either way, we’re having a rough day. Er, I am in any case. I haven’t gotten a phone call from DCL, so maybe Bun is being a good little birthday pixie.