The Closest I’ve Come to a Lazy Day…

…in quite sometime. That describes this surprisingly low-key Saturday. We went to the library; I wrote an angry letter for Bella (regarding Nanny’s crappy care at the hospital); and we sat around at home.

I actually sat on the couch for about an hour reading a book! Bun was supposed to be napping. Monkey played right next to me. For an hour! Well, okay, for about 20 minutes of that hour she leaned up against me and ate an apple. But I’m telling you: an hour, on the couch. That hasn’t happened in a long time.

And I’m frightened that it may not happen again for a long time. I am shocked to report that Bun did not nap. At all today. Usually, if I leave her alone long enough, she eventually drifts off. Not today.

It’s the beginning of the end, my friends.

When Monkey turned two, her gift from my parents (as per our request) was a ‘big-girl bed’.

I have no intention of putting Bun — my wild child — in a big-girl bed any time soon. Maybe in six months. Maybe.

One of the things I have intended to do is to put the girls into one room. I thought maybe it would happen last spring, but no go. So, maybe this spring. It means painting (I want to do the girls’ room a lavender color — which will clash horrendously with the rug, but we’ll change that later) and moving a lot of furniture around. And, yes, putting Bun in a big-girl bed.

Monkey stopped napping every day at 2 and 1/2 years of age. Occasionally, she would still conk out, but it was not to be counted on. I am afraid Bun is heading the same direction.

And I live in fear. Fear of the Saturday that comes when I have two children up all day long.

I don’t even want to think about it. Must seek comfort with DearDR. And possibly green beans.

Nanny update: Nanny was moved into a personal care home today. All the tests from the hospital were negative (for whatever they were testing her for), which, to quote a certain football coach in these parts, “is a positive.” We are hoping she puts on some weight and regains some strength. Please keep her — and us — in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks.