Not All Change Is for the Better

It was kind of fun to try to explain to Monkey what “new year” meant. When she asked what the year was called, I told her two-thousand nine. She seemed quite flummoxed by that!

I tried to do my hair differently today. The problem is that I can get one side (the left) to do exactly what I want, but not the other. And I don’t do styling tools beyond a hairdryer and my fingers. It’s a drag. If i don’t get this new style to work out, I’ll be chopping it all off. That’s kind of my default setting.

Tonight Monkey told me she didn’t want any hugs or kisses. Usually she wants five (or six or seven) of each. I had to set a limit because otherwise, in the nature of all stalling toddlers everywhere, I would be coming back into her room over and over again giving her “just one more” kiss or hug.

But not tonight. Tonight she said she didn’t want any. I asked, “Not even one?”

“No,” she said. “Just go.”

I had a little flash forward to her teenage years that I had to squash. I let her get away with none tonight. But I don’t think I’ll do that again. Even if she thinks she doesn’t need them, I sure do!