Puppy Lust II (and Other Presents)

When SoulSista brought out Roxy on Saturday, I immediately went over to scoop her up. She was just a wee little thing, and adorable to boot. (I get this urge frequently with babies too — I want something small to hold. It doesn’t necessarily bode well for our future, these ‘want to cuddle’ urges of mine.)

Anyhoo, I sat down on the couch with Roxy in my lap. DearDR and my father were standing behind the couch. I called the girls over to see the puppy. Bun thought it was Buddy, but I was able to explain to Monkey that this was a new puppy. She called Roxy Buddy’s little sister all weekend.

I called over my shoulder to DearDR, “Did you see this?” He peeked over my shoulder to see the pup in my lap, with both girls petting it. “Oh!” he said.

“This is the girls’ Christmas gift from my parents!” I exclaimed, all excited.

The look on his face was priceless. He clearly wanted to throw his hands out and yell, “NOOOOOOO!” But his manners dictated that he turn to his father-in-law and graciously thank him.

He was saved by the fact that both Pap-pap and I cracked up at his expression.

“Sorry,” I laughed. “I just had to see how you would react. That was worth it.”

“That was cruel,” my father said.

It was cruel. DearDR was running on about four hours of sleep; he had joined some of his high school classmates at a local bar to welcome back one of their own who had just returned from Iraq. They ended up closing the place, and I don’t think DearDR’s head was feeling that great.

But, still, totally worth the price of admission.


Instead of a puppy, Monkey received a kid-friendly digital camera. And before I unloaded everything last night, she had taken 150 pictures with it! (I think DearDR and I took a couple, too.)

I created an account for her on flickr, and I will be uploading her stuff there for now. I’m not crazy about flickr; it doesn’t feel that intuitive to me, so I’m finding it hard to navigate. I love me some Picasa, and I was going to use that on my Mac for Monkey, but Picasa doesn’t work with Mac OS, which is a serious oversight IMO. I want to keep Monkey’s pictures separate from mine. For so many reasons!

Wow! You got a camera!

(And that ‘Hello My Name Is’ name tag? Says, ‘Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die.’)

Wow! I got a shirt!

Littlest Pet Clementine

At least they are going to be interesting pictures.

And everyone will look really tall.

What Are You Doing Back There?

Long Car Ride, Huh?

How Long Can I Hold My Breath?

Christmas Bling (taken by Mommy)

Bun’s Favorite Christmas Gift

Edited to add a Nanny Update: Nanny is doing very well. She was released from the Coronary Care Unit into a regular room Tuesday; they are talking about releasing her from the hospital on Friday. My in-laws are making plans to go to Florida (a Christmas gift from my FIL’s brother), so the next decision is where exactly Nanny will be going when she gets released. I imagine our plans New Year’s Day will be a quick trip to the hospital to wish her a Happy New Year! Which is great, compared to the alternative.

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