Do They Know It’s Christmas Crazy?

Not around here they don’t.

If there are prizes, I will be competing in the “least prepared for Christmas” category.

Last year, we did not have a tree. Last year, I put my baubles in a bowl, and it made a very pretty centerpiece. I haven’t gone that far yet. I am still holding out hope for a real tree (he’s got one more day, people).

Well, I do have this tree.

My MIL in her youth took a ceramics class. She cast this tree, and the Santa and reindeer below. And, many, many more things, Christmas and otherwise. I was hoping that my Christmas Crazy would showcase all the things she did. But, well, you’ll see.

Bella was very talented at ceramics. It’s a shame she chose to give it up.

My dining room decorations.

This bare green field is where our Nativity goes. Bella cast our Nativity, too, and it is an especial point of pride for DearDR. It is truly gorgeous, each figure (and there are many) painstakingly handpainted. She even pasted small “jewels” on the robes and gifts of the Magi.

And DearDR does not want me to handle it. He doesn’t want me carrying the boxes upstairs, unpacking it, putting it out for display. I break things. It’s true, I do, as the lack of juice glasses from our wedding swag attests.

But come tomorrow night, if that Nativity isn’t out by his own hand, it will be out by mine. Fragile ceramics coming up from the basement notwithstanding.

You’ve been warned.

This is where our tree would go… Er, is going to go. Tonight.

Yeah, tonight.

This is my wreath. That is not my front door. As soon as I finish the list of all the stuff I have to do tonight, I’ll get right on that.

I decorate the bathroom! I even have pretty towels, although they are all currently in the washer.

Sadly, this is indicative of where most of my Christmas Crazy still is this year. In boxes, sitting forlornly in the basement.

I don’t even care that much for myself. But when I was growing up, part of the wonder, magic, and joy of the Season was how beautifully decorated my parents house was. And my parents did it together, with mom ironing bows for the tree and the garland she strung on the stair banisters, and my father putting up lights outside and putting up the tree. We all decorated it together, as a family.

And now, if you don’t mind, I will just go about my business. Because thinking about this more will only put me in a funk, and I don’t have time for that. Enjoy more Christmas Crazy (REAL Christmas Crazy) by checking out all the fun folks here.