Two Weeks before Christmas, and All Through the House…

…there were a few decorations scattered about.

I am not at Christmas Crazy levels, and I may not get there, but I’m all right with that.

I’ve been reading a lot online about how stressed out people are about Christmas, and how they don’t want to spend time with their families because it doesn’t go well, and even how much some people hate Christmas. HATE Christmas! And it’s been bringing me down.

But then, fortunately, I stumbled over to Her Bad Mother, and my faith (in the blogging community vis-a-vis this holiday) was restored. (My religious faith is pretty sound.) This is the post I would write if I were as articulate as HBM. I also like this post from Rocking Pony, mostly because I really admire her son’s imagination.

I have been facing my own little stressors about Christmas of course. My house has no lights on it; we don’t have a tree yet; I still have gift shopping to do and parties to attend and cookies to bake. My front door wreath is still sitting in my hallway, because I haven’t actually found a way to hang it on the door. (The hook we have there is too small. DearDR usually does this complicated thread pulley system, but there must be a better way.) We are having a cash-only Christmas this year, and we all know how I feel about my budget and money.

I didn’t want to repeat myself, so I went rummaging through my archives, such as they are. Remembering how Bun threw up all over the place around this time last year made me stifle my giggles — funny now, stressful then. Funny mostly because I can still picture the eruption, and my shocked thought: how can someone that little puke THAT MUCH?

Then there is the Santa post, and we’re still right about here. Am I being a Grinch? Is it unfair to not build up Santa? To quote: “Should I introduce the myth of Santa to [Monkey]? How? Should I use Santa as a motivator to be good, as so many people do this time of year? … I have my own mixed feelings about the whole Santa-myth and secular ‘holiday’ time as it is.” Your thoughts are welcome.

I’m not actually that worked up about the lights on the house thing. I decorate nicely inside, and we are getting a tree this year if I have to buy and decorate it by myself. I think outside lights are very pretty — as do my girls — but really, I can’t do it all, people.

My mantra this time of year is something to the effect of: It’s Jesus’ birthday. That is what I am celebrating Christmas day. And all the other trappings are just that: trappings. Donating to others is an integral part of our Christmas; this year, Monkey picked out the angel from our Angel Tree at church. We put coins in the big red kettles (it’s fun!). We leave canned goods in food drive pick-up spots. And we keep our own gift giving to a minimum (three gifts each among the four of us — Jesus got three gifts; thanks to M for that suggestion), and only for Niece and Nephews in the extended family. Well, and lots of homemade wine or lemoncello for the adults.

I have learned my own limits about this holiday, and I live pretty comfortably within them. Keeping the Christ child in the center of it all really helps me. I wish it were that easy for everyone.

Whatever you celebrate this time of year, may you find some peace in it.

Oh, and, Gina: HAHAHAHAHA!

3 thoughts on “Two Weeks before Christmas, and All Through the House…

  1. I had BIG intentions of never selling the whole Santa thing to Alexis, but daycare and the whole entire world thought otherwise. I think it’s inevitable that somebody will ask a kid what Santa is bringing them and *POOF* you are headed down that path, whether you like it or not.

    I have significantly cut back on the number of people we buy for this year by getting everyone to do a gift swap instead of buying for everyone in a large group. We drew names for my MIL’s house and for all the cousins, so this year is SO MUCH simpler. Now I just have to get everyone talked into doing something charitable instead of exchanging. Nobody needs anything, so I feel we should give to people who do.

  2. The first few years, all we did was bake a birthday cake for Jesus and we didn’t really talk about Santa. Daycare took care of that. We have the stupid elf, and the girls wrote their letters to Santa. The each only asked for 3 things(Barbie-type things) and I told them that Santa only sends two gifts at the most. That’s it. I don’t really talk much about him. We’ve been talking about helping others and buying presents for those less fortunate. Ella then asked if Santa sends presents to the poor kids. And if so, then why are we buying them presents. Yikes.

  3. BurghBaby: Yes, I obviously knew I couldn’t hide Santa from Monkey and Bun, but I didn’t want to get into the whole “You better be good for goodness sakes.” I don’t remember growing up with the message from my parents that you had to be on your best behavior to get Christmas toys. It’s definitely in the general culture, and Bella has been overheard to say “If you don’t listen to your mommy, Santa won’t bring you nice gifts.”

    And amen to your last comment. Honestly, when people ask me what the girls need, I want to say, “Nothing.”

    Now, if they ask what they WANT, I want to say, “Where would you like me to start?”

    MH: I had thought about getting a cake this year for, as we sometimes refer to it, Jesus’ birthday. We haven’t gotten into writing letters to Santa yet. And may that elf never return to your house after this year!

    thanks for the comments!


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