Other Bun Stuff

I was over at Jayesel’s place reading about her daughter, and I realize Bun and Maggie are doing the same stuff. Although Jayesel doesn’t mention if her daughter hits/bites/pushes. Bun is pretty aggressive; I think it comes with younger-child territory.

When Bun counted to 10 with me a couple of days ago, I was so surprised! One of the downsides of being a working-outside-the-home-mom is asking yourself often, “Where did she learn that?” Obviously, Bun picked it up at Day Care Lady’s. And, let’s face it, she probably hears me counting enough at home — to 3 or 5 before Monkey’s action will have a consequence, to 10 to keep my patience. That kind of thing.

The other adorable thing that Bun does is say “You’re welcome.” Whenever she asks for something and is given it, I say, “Say ‘thank you’, Bun.” She promptly responds, “Wel-bum” instead. Sometimes, “A-bum.” When she gets it right, after I tell her thank you for handing me something for example, she is very satisfied. “A-bum,” she’ll say smugly before darting off to her next adventure.

Cracks me up every time.

Finally, she has learned the word ‘monster’ and she knows what it means. I have, actually, been calling her a menace for awhile now — the way Bun cuts a swath of destruction through any room she occupies is quite impressive. After she bolts her dinner, she will happily declaim from her booster chair (we are retiring the high chair!), “I a mosster, mommy. RAHR!”


A Monkey note: Lately, Monkey has been putting letters together, and asking me what word they make. I am trying to explain to her that any bunch of letters together doesn’t necessarily make a word (especially if there are no vowels). And I’ve been trying to show her how the letters she has picked, with the addition of a vowel or two, do spell out words.

For example, Bun picked out a set of bathtub letters at the toy store recently. Monkey lined up ‘F’ ‘S’ ‘U’ ‘T’ and ‘N’ during last night’s bath. “What’s that spell, Mommy?” she asked.

“Well,” I said. “That’s not a word. But we can make words with those letters.”

We spelled FUN and SUN. I spelled STUN, which was kind of dumb — how do you explain ‘stun’ to a 4-year-old? But I’m excited that she is interested in doing this, building words. It’s just so magical to me, the acquiring of language, of deciphering parts of the world around you. I don’t remember doing it myself — it just seemed that one day I was suddenly reading (I haven’t stopped!).

It’s so much fun to experience learning with my children, see the little lights go on when they figure something out. Stepping back and letting them figure it out for themselves can be a little more challenging, especially when Bun insists on putting on her own pants.

Frustration, like learning to read, is part of the growing-up process. I just wish it weren’t accompanied by so much screaming.