How to Turn a Shopping FAIL into a Shopping WIN

Take your 4-year-old along.

Saturday, although I had many, many errands to run, we elected to spend the first half of the day at home. Bun, newly diagnosed with an ear infection, was crabby and clingy. Plus she had ropes of wet, yellow mucous running out of her nose (sorry). It is amazing to me that such a little head can hold so much of that stuff. Well, obviously it couldn’t hold all of that stuff, hence the endless nose wiping Saturday morning.

I was scheduled for a massage at 4 p.m., the result of a gift card DearDR had bought me last Christmas. Personally, if I am going to a spa, my druthers would be to get a spa pedicure (and manicure) or a facial. Massages are not my favorite spa treatment. But they don’t suck, either.

After the massage, I had every intention of running several errands — notably grocery shopping — and going to church. I know that “running errands” is antithetical to “getting a massage”, but such is a mother’s life.

The massage was very pleasant, and energizing for about the first hour afterwards. Walking into the mall to exchange some pants Monkey had received for her birthday, I walked through a department store where EVERYTHING was on sale. For very reasonable prices. So I decided on my way back out to look around, maybe purchase one or two things, and then go to the grocery store.

This did not happen.

I found two wonderful sweaters, two sweaters that had RPM already written on their tags, two sweaters that were more than 50% off. I tried them on with pants, skirts, turtlenecks, crew necks, you name it. Aside from the sweaters — my sweaters, I’m telling you — nothing else fit right. The skirts made me look downright dumpy. Nevertheless, an hour and a half later, I was standing in line with one of the sweaters, and a couple of things that I thought were “close enough”, when I came to my senses and put everything back.

It wasn’t about the money, it was about the close enough. I hate when my clothes don’t fit right. Because then they don’t look right, and I’m self-conscious and uncomfortable for the rest of the day.

It hurt to put the gray sweater back.

At this time, it was 8:30 on Saturday. DearDR had had to take the children next door at 4 p.m. to sit with Nanny while Bella and Tadone went out to dinner and a movie for Bella’s birthday (Happy Birthday, Bella!) I knew that bringing them home to get them settled in bed and waiting for me to come home so that he could go back next door to Nanny-sit would be stressful for him. Plus, they have cable next door!

So I ditched grocery shopping (I had already missed Mass) and went home. I relieved DearDR so he could go back on Nanny duty, sang Monkey a couple of lullabies (“Where were you, Mommy?” she asks me) and finished my novel. DearDR and Nanny watched Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

The next day, the morning was a flurry of church-going and grocery shopping (Bun stayed home with DearDR), cleaning, laundry, and a coupon in my mailbox from that department store that still had my sweaters. (Forgot to get the mail on Saturday.) Also, I was making dinner to take over to the in-laws.

But that coupon and the fact that Monkey had not been out the day before (going to Bella’s doesn’t count as out) were… fomenting.

“I could get those sweaters,” I was thinking. “For even less than they were yesterday. And Monkey could play at the kid mall.” DearDR was in a cleaning frenzy, which he is best left to by himself, and Bun was napping.

We went. Although I did not find pants or a turtleneck for the first of my sweaters, I did find pants (they were NOT THERE the night before, and I am willing to bet Monkey’s lip balm on that) for the second sweater. Plus earrings and a belt. And a scarf and gloves that will look great with the coat I have to ransom from the dry cleaners.

Monkey was an angel. She had been close to perfect all day. (Her least perfect behavior had taken place in church, of course, but even there she hadn’t been a nightmare.) She helped me pick out my scarf and gloves; we tried on hats; she picked out cereal-flavored lip balm (think Fruit Loops and Frosted Flakes); and she was patient while I tried on pants. She had fun at the kid mall and did not ask for candy or ice cream.

Then we went home and treated my in-laws and Nanny to dinner (new recipe!), got the kids in bed, and finished cleaning the house and folding laundry. It would have been a perfect weekend if Bun had been feeling better. And if she hadn’t woken up at 5:20 this morning. That hurt.

But my sweaters are ready-to-wear. Now I just have to find brown boots. Wonder what Monkey is up to this weekend?

Note to ClumberKim: T is for Tomorrow!