Four, In Pictures

Monkey, you were such a little peanut when you were born.

And, oh, how we loved you. Love you.

And you loved blankets.

And you love your Daddy.

You love to smile. Your favorite color is purple.

You love to swim.

You love Halloween.

You love to pose for pictures.

You love to be silly.

Really silly.

You love to read. And you love the Steelers.

You love S’mores.

You love your sister. (Still!)

You love school. (We knew you would.)

You love special time with your Mommy. Which she loves.

You love to take pictures.

You are all legs, just like your Mommy. I look at pictures from a year ago, and I see how the roundness in your face has left. You are a girl. A little girl, still, but not a baby. Not even a toddler. A girl.

You love, a lot. You are loved a lot. The other night, as Daddy was putting you to bed, you said to him, “You love me.” Daddy agreed. He does love you! He asked, “Who else loves you?”

“Mommy,” you said. “And Bun. And Bella and Tadone. And Nonna and Pap-pap.” And after a short pause, you added, “And I love myself, too.” That’s probably something I will have to remind you about when you are older.

That and the time you stood in the toilet.

Happy 4th Birthday, Monkey. I love you.


7 thoughts on “Four, In Pictures

  1. I just said this same thing the other day:

    “A little girl, still, but not a baby. Not even a toddler. A girl.”

    My daughter will be 4 on the 28th. I look forward to reading your blog and the similarities of our girls!


  2. HB to Monkey! Great pictures. Beautiful girl 🙂

    Makes me remember when you and I spent our 4th birthdays together. Blue cake! Wish very much that my daughter had a friendship that spanned time and space like ours. Btw, took her to mother/daughter camp at CND this past weekend. Hilarious! Would love to do that in two years with you and Monkey. Then we can celebrate both November bdays!

  3. Happy Birthday to her! What a cutie she was/still is. Such a sweet girl. I love that picture of her wrapped up in the blanket, it’s such a perfect baby picture.

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