Random Thoughts: Again?!

Yeah, it was a busy, busy weekend, and it’s going to be a week of stress and late nights. Steelers, election, preparing for a 4-year-old’s birthday party, happy hour with people from work. Plus, the daily.

But I do have a couple of things I want to post about.

Obviously, I made the decision to not NaBloPoMo. I mean, we’re three days in, and here’s my first post of November. I’m bummed about it, because it is a good thing for me to do in terms of site traffic and my own writing. But I also know it’s the right decision, because, as the short list above illustrates, I gotta whole lot o’ lotta going on. As much as I love the challenge and exercise of posting every day, this year, I have to give myself a break.

On the other hand, I am seriously considering, come Jan. 1, to attempt Blog365.

And besides, there is always Plurk. Which I completely missed this weekend, and I have a lot to catch up on there.


Two conversations overheard in Costco this weekend:

A hippie dad saying to his two children, explaining the vaccination poster by the ladies’ room: “Well, that’s about doctors, who really shouldn’t be trusted. They give unnecessary shots to kids, and they don’t do what’s best for their patients.”


It took a lot of self control to not stop on the spot and confront him. I understand distrust of the medical community, especially for people of my generation, but I think the answer, rather than indoctrinating our kids against doctors is to actually teach them to be stewards of their own care. Ask questions, get information, participate in your health. And while I agree that the vaccination schedule for children is overly aggressive, I think the answer is to work with your pediatrician to spread out the shots. I think not vaccinating your children at all is very, very risky.

Later, a mom to her 2- or 3-year-old son, who was obviously getting upset at not getting to eat Costco pizza (I heartily empathize): “Oh, look. I think I see the police outside. You better not cry or disobey mommy or they’ll come take you away.”


Threatening your children with the police? What kind of message is that?

Monkey is learning about police and firefighters at her preschool. The basic message, which I try to reinforce when she asks questions, is: These people are here to help you. You can trust them. I wouldn’t dream of telling her that the police are going to take her away for being bad.

To top it off, the mother gave into her child’s demands, and instead of going to a restaurant, they ate at Costco. Parenting FAIL!

Also, I did end up having a very pleasant conversation with the hippie dad and his wife as we were all eating our pizza. Their two children, a boy and a girl, were adorable, and Monkey was clearly fascinated by the whole family, notably the father’s beard which was much longer than her daddy’s neatly trimmed facial hair. I did not bring up what I overheard him saying about doctors though. No need to throw down at the local warehouse shopping club.


Monkey is showing a great awareness of driving rules. She always reminds me to stay on “this side” of the lines. “Because then cars will crash into you, if you drive on the other side.” I’ve been explaining, in very basic terms, double yellow lines, broken white lines, and solid white lines. Sunday, I introduced the concept of the shoulder. I pointed out the solid white line to the right, and said, “I can’t cross that white line either. That’s the shoulder of the road, and you shouldn’t drive on the shoulder. It’s for emergencies.”

As we were driving back home, I took an exit ramp off of route 60. “Mommy, don’t forget,” Monkey piped up, “don’t drive on the elbow.”


Lastly, and I am shocked — shocked — to report this: I started my Christmas shopping this weekend. I’ve got three nephews and my niece crossed off the list already. It helps that Costco has great prices on some pretty neat things, and also other retailers are offering rock-bottom prices, plus $10 gift cards for spending a certain amount of money. I’ve got $20 to blow in two stores before the holidays! Shopping WIN!