Here You Go

People just give things to DearDR. I’m not kidding. They hear him talk about liking music or the Pens, and they lend him CDs to burn or give him front row tickets to a game. He gets offered cars (I make him say NO), and the other day someone just gave him a digital camera.

I wish they had given him the manual. But we’re figuring it out as we go along.

Bun is developing a really funny personality.

From the Dormont Park picture session:

Nanny is the matriarch; Bella is Nanny’s daughter; DearDR is Bella’s son. We don’t really know how much longer Nanny will be with us. She’s not an invalid, although she is no social butterfly. She has emphysema, and as far as I can tell, they (whoever they are) decided against supplementary oxygen. For now anyway.

It’s kind of a race to see who passes away first (I was tempted to be flip here, but I don’t want you to think I don’t take this seriously. I wanted to type “kicks the bucket” or “buys the farm”, but these are our grandmothers we’re talking about here) Nanny or Gigi. My money is on Gigi: She is older and confined to a wheelchair now, and her dementia is well advanced. My mom, Nonna, says it’s just a matter of time. Which makes a ringing phone a thing of joy.

But anyway, this is our slice of the family. I think we look pretty good.


Monkey is thinking of adding to her fairy costume this year.

Girl’s got Personality, I’m telling you!