Nice Day

Yesterday after dinner, we went to the park.

It’s not something we’ve done often — if ever.

And after the park, we went and got ice cream. 

And it was just a nice way to spend the evening. I don’t have a funny story to tell, or video or photos to share (next time).

We ran around the park, then got ice cream all over ourselves, then went home for bath, books, and bed.

I kept thinking how nice it had been, that time with my girls. Even after I spilled apple juice on the kitchen floor, and had to mop it, thereby leaving a large clean spot in the middle of my otherwise perfectly filthy floor. Even when I found a mouse turd in the silverware drawer, and had to empty everything into the dishwasher pronto. (I despise having to do extra housework in the evening.)

The pleasantness of our evening at the park and at Dairy Queen stuck with me.

I hope we do it again soon.

3 thoughts on “Nice Day

  1. So nice!! How lucky you are to be able to do these things with your beautiful children! And to enjoy it, its just amazing.

  2. Nice days must be contagious…I took Aboy & Agirl to the beach…(all by myself!) beach umbrella included (a MUST for me and Agirl), with the help of a baby sling, and a sled (yes, a plastic orange sled…you really can use it year round! not as fast in the sand, but great for dragging all your beach gear!!) Aboy had a ball…he swam, threw some rocks and swam some more. The sky and the water were the perfect shade of blue, the breeze perfectly blissful. I felt such joy in watching Aboy play, and watching Agirl sleep so peacefully…a perfect day at the beach…followed by ice cream, too! I cherish days like this!

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