Random Thoughts: Monkey

I know that kids like music. Monkey loves music — mostly the singing aspects of it. Currently, “Flying Machine” by Father Goose on Bam Bam Diddly (featuring Sheryl Crow and Dan Zanes) is, in her words, “her best song.” She asks to hear it over and over (and over and over and over…) again.

Dan and I like music too, although we have radically different tastes. And as I was hitting repeat on my CD player for the fourth time to listen to “Viva la Vida” by Coldplay — this is my summer song ’08, the one I blast from my car — I thought, “Oh, that’s probably where she gets it.”


Monkey has a new friend, a 7-year-old boy whose family moved into our neighborhood about two months ago. The other day, walking with him from his house to our house, she asked him, “Can I hold your hand?”

I just about had a heart attack.

But at least she’s not kissing boys in cars. (Yet.)

I know that it is sweet and innocent, and just friendly. Platonic if you will. And I have to rein in my adult mind and just get a grip.

Admittedly however, Monkey has been like this since the earliest days, preferring Tadone to Bella, Pap-pap to Nonna, the uncles to the aunts, and so on. I could wish for a more shy child it is true — for goodness sakes, she walks up to perfectly strange men in restaurants and waiting rooms to say hi and take a seat next to them. Yes, it causes me palpitations. But I have to believe not only in Monkey, but in the inherent goodness of human nature.

Or should I just let DearDR go and buy that gun now?

Incidentally, the boy did hold her hand, although his, “All right,” was reluctant. But he is the younger brother of two sisters (11 and 18 years old), so he’s probably a little sensitive to female nature.

Poor kid.


I finally got around to asking Monkey why she didn’t want to sleep in her room.

“I’m afraid of the dark,” she answered.


How about a nightlight? I just happen to have one right here! With a brand new light bulb!

She has to be able to see the nightlight, but that has been easily arranged.

Two nights so far. I have my fingers crossed.


Finally, I think I know what Monkey will be getting for her birthday.

Obviously, most of these feature her fingers. If I can identify any other part of it, I will.

I think this is a swatch of the dress she wore on Christmas day:

Not a clue:

Niece, artistically framed:

I’m not that pale:

Couch with cherry blanket:

Same, only fingers much, much closer together:

6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: Monkey

  1. Having seen her eyes in person, you might want to get that gun now. That girl is going to be able to take down grown men with just a glance.

    Afraid of the dark? That’s it? Oh my! I hope things continue to be just that simple.

    Great photos–every last one of them!

  2. I know what you mean about over and over! right now it is They Might Be Giants 1, 2, 3s…. one time I turned up “813 mile car trip”…and Aidan said “turn it down, Mommy!” we both like “oola oola” loud though 🙂

    miss you babe!

  3. BBM: I know. she’s had those baby blues since day 1, and I know they are going to be trouble. Everyone comments on them.

    Hope: the day TMBG 1,2,3 was at Bella’s house, I think Monkey wanted to watch it three times in a row. And she’s always asking for the music in the car “louder”.

    froggylove, thanks for coming by!

    thanks for the comments!


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