A Few Short Letters

a c v o w m r

Get it? (It’s not any kind of acronym.)


The Last of the Letters (for a while):

Dear April NaBloPoMo:

I blew it! Oh, well. I haven’t had comments lately, so it’s not as if anyone’s missing out. The weekend was too busy to put posting at the top of my list. Even for 15 minutes. Maybe I’ll try again in May.


Dear I-79 Drivers:

Pass on the left; drive on the right. It is so easy. Please comply with this basic, simple guideline. I don’t even care if you don’t use your turn signals or if you want to slow down before you enter a tunnel. Right for driving; left for passing. Thank you.

And if you are a big truck, DO NOT pull into the passing lane ahead of me. Just don’t. Stay put until I pass you. My husband and children thank you. Because, I swear, my head is going to just explode one of these days.


Dear DearDR:

Want to go to lunch this week? Thursday or Friday are best for me. I hope so. It seems the only way we can get a whole hour to ourselves.

Yer ever lovin’ wife,

Dear Reader(s):

If you stumble onto this site today, please leave a comment. I’m only asking out of a sense of masochistic curiosity. Thanks.


And now, back to our regularly scheduled (if sporadically posted) programming.

7 thoughts on “A Few Short Letters

  1. BBM: oh, I didn’t mean anything personal. I’m just bummed I missed a day, etc., etc. hell, I read a dozen blogs (including yours) and I only comment about once a month!

    N: it’s a bunch of short letters. get it?

    Yeah, I know. I was short on material.


  2. I *did* stumble here yesterday, but did not leave a message. Mea culpa! Actually, it was my toddler’s fault. Yeah…that’s it! You know how it is when you’re trying to get something done and all of a sudden there’s a loud crash? That’s my life.

    But I do read and empathize. And enjoy. So keep up the more frequent posts, even if they’re not every single day!

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