Wordless Wednesday

I don’t have a picture to put up here (better work on that for Friday), but I really am at a loss as to what to write. I don’t have a hot topic in mind. So, in lieu of me having stuff to say, check out some other people.

Her Bad Mother realizes the Beatles were right: Love is all you need.
I could write a conversation post like Dad Gone Mad, but hubby and I would have to share a room (not sleeping) for longer than five minutes, which just hasn’t happened lately. Miss you, DearDR!
I could write about the Steelers, but enough people are doing it for me. Instead, here’s an awesome story about Pro-Bowler James Harrison, a.k.a. (to Burgh Baby’s Mom), Rockhead.
Niobe just gave me inspiration for my next “I’m-stuck” post.
Finally, congratulations to Earthmother for reducing clutter. Keep up the good work. Now, can you please talk to your brother for me?? Thanks.

Well, my “resting” three-year-old just decided her “rest” was over, and turned on the TV and DVD player by herself in the next room. Gotta run.

On the bright side, she did not wake up her little sister. Small favors.

Edited to add: Oh, yeah, I also wanted you too see what we’ve been watching on YouTube all week. It’s nice that classic Sesame Street has a place. Other big favorites to come.