Bun Turns One: 2007 Performance Appraisal

Much thanks in advance to Burgh Baby’s mom, from whom I blatantly stole this idea.

Goal: Get self born.
Performance: Bun showed surprising, almost dismaying, reluctance to meet this goal. In 2006, it was the lung cyst and the prematurely aging placenta; in 2007 it was just indecision about making the move.** To her credit, when she decided to be born, she moved with great alacrity, getting out of the womb in about three hours, with only 30 minutes of pushing. In the end, she proved determined and never looked back.
2008 (and beyond) Goal: Hang around for a good long time.

Bun with Mommy, Daddy and midwife Nancy.

Goal: Gain weight.
Performance: Bun did not hesitate to undertake this task with speed and enthusiasm. Feedings provided her and Mommy with lovely bonding time, as well as sustanence for Bun, and she gained almost three pounds in her first month alone. From the 5-pound, 10-ounce peanut, Bun has developed into a 22-pound force to be reckoned with.
2008 Goal: Get as tall as big sister Monkey.

Bun at five weeks.

Bun at three months.

Bun at five months.

Goal: Learn to eat solids.
Performance: Another area in which Bun excelled. Loved food so much, decided to leave behind the breast. Much more interesting to play with food.
Goal for 2008: Learn to eat pizza.

Goal: Grow some teeth.
Performance: Bun is taking her sweet time on this task. Unlike Monkey, who had most of her teeth by one year, Bun has a scant eight. She seems to be working on more as of this week, but she certainly is not addressing this area with any urgency.
Goal for 2008: Finish growing teeth. Maybe start using them to chew food.

Goal: Learn to walk.
Performance: In a stunning show of initiative, Bun focused on this project with dogged determination. It is believed she took her inspiration from Monkey, another early walker at the home office. At first it looked as if she was going to be happy getting around on her knees (note: not hands and knees; she left full-time crawling behind in month 10), but in the end, the lure of full-on walking proved too strong.
2008 Goal: Learn to run.

Goal: Love on Mommy. Make her laugh.
Performance: Stellar.
Goal for 2008: Keep up the good work.

She climbed into this pot herself.

Happy Birthday, Bun. Love you, all my heart.

Earthmother demostrating what Bun should do with the smash cake.

** My sister, Bun’s aunt, who for the purposes of this blog would like to be known as SoulSister, or SS, would like her influence of Bun’s birth delay noted. See, SS was born on January 6th 33 years ago. When I went into the hospital Jan. 3, I know somehow, someway, even though she was in New York, she put the mojo on me. I clearly recall, when Bun was finally on the move, looking at the clock and thinking, “It’s after midnight. It’s January 6! Dang my sister.” SS, there you are. Happy??