No-Photo Friday: Random News and Notes

* I am neither a technophobe nor a technophile. I like it when it works; when it doesn’t work, I get frustrated. When it doesn’t work because I can’t find the flippin’ USB port into which to plug it, I get really, really frustrated. DearDR, your assistance is needed here. Thank you.

* All of which is to say: I can’t figure out where on DearDR’s PC the digital camera port is supposed to connect. So, yeah, no pictures again.

* Utterly flat rootbeer is neither more refreshing nor better tasting than plain old water. In case you were wondering.

* Just in time for her first birthday festivities this weekend (i.e. cake & ice cream with the fam), Bun fell twice today, hitting her face. She’s got a loverly bruise on her forehead, and will probably have a bit of a black eye. If they didn’t know me better, I’ve no doubt my family and/or in-laws would report me to Children & Family Services. I hope the marks fade by her next doctor’s appointment, in a week!

* I had an anxiety attack in the grocery store today. I am usually anxious when shopping; I attribute it to shopping with my children.

* I shopped today without my children (thank you, Bella). So, why the attack? I didn’t freeze — that would have been a panic attack, and I would have had to leave the store without groceries. But shortness of breath, hand flapping. Stress. I still can’t pinpoint why. Unless (oh, joy) the act of shopping with my children is so ingrained with anxiety that shopping without is no relief; the store itself has become the trigger.

* My friends J & P are expecting their first child next month. Dear J sent out the funniest email this week requesting guidance from her friends-with-kids as to what she needed immediately, in the near future, and down the line. If you were giving her advice, what would you tell her? I said for the immediate, when they got home, they needed: Lots of diapers; a glider and a boppy; clothes (primarily onesies and pajamas); and someplace for the baby to sleep.

* Also, many of the mothers who replied — okay ALL of the mothers who replied with the lone exception of moi — said they hated the diaper genie and recommended against it. I loved the DG when we used it with Monkey. How about you? (We didn’t use it with Bun, probably because we were already disposing of Monkey’s diapers differently when she came along.)

* I need two days off from my children. Whole days and nights. My mother-in-law offered this to me for my birthday (end of the month). Although I am extremely likely to take her up on it, I am unsure what I will do with the time. The options are numerous, although, unfortunately, a trip overseas (Italy or Ireland) is not in the cards (or the budget). Should I clean the house? Veg out? Weekend with DearDR in a hotel room? Weekend BY MYSELF in a hotel room?