Photo Friday: A Day Late

Yes, Virginia, it is really Saturday.

I’ve been reading a number of blogs from the NaBloPoMo days. Some people manage to take some really nice pictures and post them. Now, I enjoy taking pictures, and I do love the world of digital photography. But I am not the experts that these people are. I have a little point-and-shoot; I don’t photoshop much — I can remove red eye if hard pressed. And crop.

Anyway, the point is: I decided to see what my little point-and-shoot could do. I experimented with some extreme closeups; I bracketed to see if they worked better with or without the flash.

This is from the centerpiece I had on the dining room table for DearDR’s party. I received quite a number of compliments on this exceedingly simple decoration.

It’s a large white decorative bowl filled with Christmas ball ornaments. I came up with the idea all by myself. I had meant to hang the balls from the curtain rod in the front room, on lines of differing lengths. But I never got around to that. The fallback was very pretty, though.

With a flash.

No flash.

Flash, but too close.

No flash. Definitely too close.

I’ll have to experiment a little more (aren’t you lucky?). I can see that the flash adds shadow and depth in some cases. But I guess I can’t get too close because my camera can’t focus.