(Almost) 11 Months

I don’t think I have adequately conveyed what a happy baby Bun is. It is hard to put into words, how delightful she is simply because she’s happy.

Bun has a smile for everyone. Sometimes she has to beam around her binky; other times she turns out all five teeth and two dimples. She smiles not just with her whole face, but often with her whole body, waving her hands, “jumping” up and down on her bum or on her knees. Her smile lights up everything.

People comment on it almost everywhere we go. “What a happy baby!” they will exclaim. And it’s just true. She is that happy, almost all of the time.

Bun loves her binky, her bottle, her big sister, me, her dad, her Bella. She loves everyone and just about everything.

And she doesn’t have a mere giggle of delight. Oh, no, Bun turns on the baby belly laugh, a deep, “ha ha ha”. She laughs especially hard at Monkey and in the bath.

So yesterday, when we walked from the store to the car in the falling snow, I was tickled to see her light up with wonder and laughter at the snow. She put back her head, grinning to beat the band (not that I know what that means), held out her hands to the fluffy falling stuff. She looked and looked and tried to catch it, checking her fists after every grab.

My life was possibly the best it’s ever been in that moment. I am blessed that it is not far off much of the time, but that moment may have been the apex, the peak of my almost 37 years.

I wish you all could have been there with me.