A Word of Warning

This post is dedicated to my friend LK who is beginning to toilet train her 2 and 1/2 year old, A.

Dear LK,

You sound like you have a plan for potty training, which is much more than I had when I began with Monkey. A week-long intensive sounds difficult, and I am not sorry that I did not do it that way. But I didn’t really do it ANY way, so, more power to you.

The other day, Monkey had the first poop-in-the-pants accident that she has had since we’ve gone sans diapers about three weeks ago. It was disgusting. Although I was disappointed, I was not angry with Monkey. I was, if anything, quite surprised, because until that day, she was doing very well pooping on the potty.

Anyway, I just threw the underpants away.

Imagine my surprise when Monkey pooped her pants again a few hours later!

This time, I discovered that you can clean the underpants quite effectively by swishing them around in the toilet bowl. Also, since I had bought flushable wipes a few days before, I made that clean-up much easier on myself. Monkey got a thorough bath a little earlier than usual.

Maybe she was testing the boundaries of potty training. Maybe she just forgot. It could have been a bid for attention: Both times she pooped her pants, she was in one room playing and I was in the other feeding Bun.

Who knows? It stunk; we all survived; three days later, and she has been accident-free, even from peeing.

So, good luck, LK. Good luck, A. It will happen, although, as always with children, not necessarily the way you planned it (again, good on you for planning!). Take it easy.

For tips from a pro, check out the comment from MaryP over here. I will be thinking of you!