Photo Friday

So, it’s the last day of NaBloPoMo.

I will continue to blog more often, because I have learned that I can.

And in that vein, I will certainly continue Photo Fridays because they are so darn easy.

A few images to leave you with today:

Proof that Bun really likes “Beefy Cheesy Macaroni”:

Abstract Digital Camera Art by Monkey. Call it “Couch with Finger”:

Monkey will stick just about anything onto her face:

And Group Hug with Nonna:

Finally: I Did It! (I Liked It, Too.)

I Did It!

One thought on “Photo Friday

  1. Thanks for your blog, it’s nice to see other ‘real’ people are out there. I found you when searching for anyone else who wrote about anxiety, but I really LOVE your books meme so much that I absconded with it for my last post of the month today. Thanks again, and CUTIE PIE kidlets!

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