You Know, For Kids

I couldn’t find the song I wanted, namely “Hoodoo Voodoo” done by Wilco from Mermaid Avenue. “Hoodoo Voodoo” was a song Woody Guthrie wrote for his kids, and it’s a great kid song.

We don’t own a lot of kid music, and it’s very challenging for me to play “mommy” music around them. I have to screen for language and imagery when choosing from my collection.

But the Mermaid Avenue CDs are fantastic. And my kids love them!

The song below is also a favorite of DearDR’s. I’m proud of that fact because I introduced him to it, so to speak.

3 thoughts on “You Know, For Kids

  1. Chag: I know. I love all the Coen Brothers films. That is one I still need to get on DVD.

    BBM: I know we have some They Might Be Giants kids’ CDs around here somewhere. It is my understanding that those are okay for moms & dads, too. I also know that Chag (see above) at Cynical Dad is good with the recommendations if you want to visit his site.


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