Check Up

Why I have this insanely busy week this week, I’m not exactly sure. I scheduled a lot of stuff for a week I shouldn’t have a lot of stuff scheduled. I’m hosting about 25 people on Saturday for Monkey’s third birthday, and I don’t really don’t have my shit together.

Monday, I had a job interview at 9 a.m. in “the city” — about a 45 minute drive, counting traffic.

Tuesday my sister-in-law (brother’s wife) and I took the kids for pictures (her three boys, my two girls). I had them over for lunch beforehand. The pictures went okay, but then Bun wouldn’t nap in the afternoon, apparently feeling that the 10 minutes she got in the car on the way home from the pictures was plenty, thank you very much. And it was pizza night next door, which was fine, because frankly I needed someone else to cook dinner that night.

Wednesday… what was Wednesday? Oh, dinner in the South Side with friends down in Pittsburgh for the day with their son. This is a woman I went to high school with (let’s call her H); she and her husband and son now live back in Erie (they spent some years in St. Louis). We were joined by another high school friend (call her A) who lives here.

I don’t have a lot of friends from high school. I have two girl friends from grade school (actually one of these I have literally known since she was born, two months — exactly two months — after me; our parents were good friends). I have the two aforementioned girl friends from high school. As time goes on, it does get harder and harder to keep in touch, but we all try. It’s important, having people in your life who “knew you when”. Even if the knew you when you were a geek — or whatever. I hadn’t seen A, who lives in Swissvale, a suburb on the other side of Pittsburgh from where I reside, since before Bun was born. Last night was the first time she had met Bun!

A, the girls and I went to a bookstore for coffee and a cookie after dinner. H & her family headed back to Erie. A and I had a lot of catching up to do, which I think we managed to some extent. I got home with two sleeping kids (not bathed, not in pajamas) at 9 p.m. I packed everyone off to bed, and had a glass of wine!

Then today was Monkey’s first visit to the dentist. She did fantastic, like she’s been there before. The dental assistant and dentist were good with her, too. All in all, I was impressed. Monkey’s reward is to watch Finding Nemo, which she is doing now; Bun is napping.

Additionally, I’m doing this post-everyday-thing. Good job, RPM.

DearDR should be home by 6 p.m., so maybe we can start making headway on all the stuff that has to be done around here before we have a bunch of people descend on the household. I mean, we’re talking everything from hanging curtains and draperies (are these two different things?), to finishing the office clean-up, to dusting.

And tomorrow, I have a second interview that consists of a two-hour writing test and a meeting with the CFO of the company. And I’m not sure what I’m wearing for that yet.

I better get on it. I have at least another hour of Nemo and of naptime. Cheers!

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