Status Quo

Nothing new to see here. As you may have guessed by my not posting for more than a week. Monkey and I still suffer from inconsistant potty training; although on one hand I am trying to be more consistant — and on the other, Monkey is becoming more resistant.

DearDR took his licensure test a week ago today. We will not know the results for another week or two. We feel as if we are in a Schrodinger’s cat situation.

The only interesting thing that has happened was attending DearDR’s 20th high school reunion. It was fun, believe it or not. The people with whom DearDR went to school were… I don’t know, pretty cool. Easy to hang out with even though I hadn’t met them before. And no, I didn’t have too much to drink.

As a result of meeting the spouse of one of DearDR’s classmates, I am going to try to change my whole getting-a-job approach. I’m going to become more aggressive. I’m also going to rewrite my resume. But it was informative. It was good to get a fresh viewpoint, because I have really been struggling.

Speaking of struggles, I must go clean my kitchen now. Sorry I don’t have anything good. Maybe next time!

Well, okay, here’s a picture of Bun.

But, really, that’s all I got.