Thursdays are not good days for me. By Thursday I am very tired. I have had enough of the stay-at-home-mom role. I have had enough of the battle of wills, the feeling I have that every day is spent: feeding, diapering, potty visiting, trying to get to nap or quiet time, cleaning, cooking, feeding, bathing, getting to bed, folding laundry, etc. You know the drill as well as I. I am tired of trying to think of things to do with my girls — cheap, nay, free, things. Even more tired of trying to actually do things like grocery shop with them, or play boat, or go for walks around my sidewalk-less neighborhood.

I am just tired.

The TV vow has actually been going pretty well since I wrote about it. Until today. Today I just couldn’t face trying to get Monkey up to her room where she wouldn’t rest or nap or be quiet enough for Bun to sleep. So I left her in the living room (securely gated in), on her Pooh couch, and let her watch a Backyardigans DVD. I proceeded to eat lunch, read a little, clean the kitchen and put in a load of laundry. Plus check my e-mail, update my resume, and read a little more. She was quiet, I have to admit that. She didn’t move from her little couch. So she watched a total three hours of TV instead of one, for which I’ve been aiming. Oh well.

At least I didn’t have Panda’s day.

Monkey doesn’t name her animals yet. When pressed she will usually name it after an aunt, uncle or cousin she’s seen recently.

But she does love them, even when she buries them in grass.

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