When September Ends

Wake me. I will be so relieved.

Aside from my wedding anniversary, this month has sucked. And we’re not even half-way through.

I have a teething infant who is trying like hell to give up her morning nap. I have an intractable toddler (aren’t they all??). I have no job or work; to say money is tight is such an understatement, I can’t think of an analogy for how big an understatement it is. My primary computer crashed out on me. We almost have no health insurance. In order to continue to have health insurance, I have to get $1600 to my former employer by Friday. Said former employer, incidentally, who has an opening for a writer; said FE with whom I have been in touch since Labor Day; said FE who seems completely uninterested in having me back as an employee. In order to send $1600 to my FE by Friday, I may have to call my father to ask for the money. The humiliation and shame such a call will cause me and my husband, I’m not sure it’s worth $1600. At the same time, what is being able to see the doctor or go to the emergency room for mere co-pay dollars, especially when one is talking about kids?

The scariest part of all of this current crap? We’re 11 days in, and it can still get worse. I won’t list the ways.

My faith is keeping me sane. But it sure as heck isn’t paying the bills.

2 thoughts on “When September Ends

  1. Yikes–I will pray that it will get better for you all. In the meantime, make the call. It’s not about you–it’s about those sweet, unnapping, intractable girls. The potential humiliation and shame will be far less than the worry and panic you will hvae if you don’t have that COBRA–and you know how Murphy’s law is…

    I know that the light is at the end of the tunnel for you guys–it WILL get better!

    You can vent any time…

  2. Thanks, MH. I did make the call, and my father was very matter-of-fact about it. He too knows that it will get better for DR & me. And in the meantime, if I want to spend my inheritance money on stuff like COBRA, that’s cool with him!

    The light at the end of the tunnel is October 9. I have to remember to breathe until then!!

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